Friday , October 20 2017
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    They been in the business sometime, not sure how they still exist but they still hanging…
    With their website model they trying to get into any type of dating, advice business.
    Prices are low for some psychics, but so that quality of readings.


    Unfortunately, one glance at is going to end up making you cringe.

    It’s not appealing: This site is incredibly dated looking, and it’s not something that you want to spend cash on.

    There’s nothing about it that screams reliable. Because of its looks, this site doesn’t get a lot of traffic, and obviously, it’s not exactly the kind of site that any professionals are going to want to spend their time around on.

    No screening process. Basically, anyone with a profile picture and some information can sign up to work here. This means that your’e probably going to end up with a lot of scammers.

    No customer service and who knows who process your credit card information.