Saturday , January 11 2020
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Customer Satisfaction1.9
Psychics Quality2.1
Customer Support3.2
Website Experience4.5
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    Let me tell you. Boy was I wrong. Believe every thing you read on “Bad” reviews on ITs all is TRUE. That Greta women is a devil from hell. Working for that company is a joke. They all are scams. She harrasses the hell out of you, when you not keeping callers on the phone long. She bitches and complains and talks to you like you are a child. That site does not keep anyone on there long. Especially if you go through Circle of Stars. Biggest Scam ever. IF you want to work for them……Run and don’t look back. If you have issues and not paying attention to how much it costs. Don’t call they will take all of your money and then turn it around the blame on you. Watch and Run is all I can say. I wish I would have pay attention to all those bad reviews and comments. Cause they All turned out to be true. I am not telling you what I read or heard. I am telling you what I experienced. SCAM Scam

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Psychics Quality
Customer Support
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