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Animals In Your Dream

            Indigenous cultures like Native Americans taught us that animals who roams the earth have a great deal wisdom to teach us. One example are The Lakota Indians who refer to the animals of their region as their “relations”. To them,  animal relationship is familial, sacred and …

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The Places In Your Dreams

       Think back on your most unforgettable dreams… Were you flying high and looking down, were the cities and countryside blurred beneath you? Were you set adrift in a boat on a stormy sea or did you spend a wonderful afternoon in a meadow colored with a rainbow of …

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Is It A Good Thing To Have A Sex Dreams?

You don’t need to be worried if you had a sensual dreams as it doesn’t always mean a bad thing. Lucky you if you’re dreaming about having sex with the list of scenarios below! These dreams usually mean that some energy that has been out of your control is being …

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Try To Remember Your Dreams

 You have all night to create a fantasy land in your mind where there is a mixture of things you’ve seen, heard or thought about, some things you probably haven’t consciously thought of for years, and some stuff that seems completely random and new to you. Here I’ll tell you how …

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Unlock The Meaning Of Your Dreams

If you’re lucky enough, you might remember some of your dreams when you woke up because many dreams have applicable life meaning. Sure, maybe some people think dreams are just fantasy while we are sleeping and have no use in the real world, but plenty of dream experts and enthusiasts …

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Dreaming Of Animal Means A Lot

 Our dreams are to trying to transport some special messages to us. Whenever you sleep, you’re communicating with God/Spirit/Source, the universe and your higher self. So all things that you see in your dreams help you uncover secrets and give you information about your present and your future. Have you ever dreamed …

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