About Us

When I was a kid, I had vivid dreams. These dreams, whether good or bad, would wake me up and send me running to my parent’s room, desperate to tell them what I had seen and heard and felt. These experiences were so real to me, and yet upon telling them slowly began to fade away. As I’ve grown up, my desire to tell my dream stories has continued.

I started to keep a dream journal in college, when a psychology professor had us do a class exercise. We were to write down what we remembered of our dreams for two weeks; anytime we woke up during the night, but especially in the morning. I remembered how I felt telling my parents about my dreams when I was a kid and couldn’t wait to start writing down my dream stories again.

After the two weeks was done, we all came to class and discussed our experiences. We realized that there were common dream themes that occurred in many of our journals, such as falling, flying, being naked, or dreaming about people or places that were familiar to us individually.

Our subconscious minds speak to us through dreams. These stories, people, colors, situations, and sounds are our brain’s way of sorting through the tons of information it receives day after day. We remember so much more than we think we do, and often those subtle bits of information show up in our dreams over and over.

My name is Annie Felt, and I took my love of dreams to a new level when I started this website. I was curious about the human brain, and how it could connect not only with our physical surroundings, but with other sources of energy as well. Of course, doing things like eating strange food, our mood, and how we sleep can all affect our dreams, but so can psychic energy and the spiritual world.

Interpreting dreams is an inexact science, but it is so very intriguing. Finding out what our subconscious minds are trying to tell us can open up doors to heal, to grow, and to pursue a stronger, healthier path in life. By being open to our dreams, we become more in tune with our bodies and minds.

If you’re curious about your dreams, contact one of our fantasy interpreters today! You’ll never know what you’ll discover about yourself.