What Your Dreams Are Saying


When you want to figure out what your subconscious is trying to tell you, dreams can help you with that. When we sleep, we have a strong unconscious mind that will try to battle with your conscious mind.

When your emotions are challenged, it is not by your logic so you can use your conscious mind to break through the barriers, but it is hard to understand what your mind is trying to tell you.

The messages that you get in the form of dreams and symbols can be crazy feeling and sometimes you feel that you are just an observer. Think about a dream that you and that is like a movie and realize that when you dream, it is a way for you to get attention to your mind.

Some people feel that their dreams can be a warning about an upcoming situation and some people feel that they never dream but even though they do, chances are they cannot remember their dreams.  Some people will dream, and they will have loved ones that are alive or those that have passed over make an appearance to say hi.

Recurring Dreams

There are two different types of dreams and one is recurring and the other is prophetic. A prophetic dream is when you get a view of the future and these dreams are there for you to interpret.

When you dream about meeting someone, chances are that you will meet someone in the future that you are meant to be with. You might even have a dream of something such as a storm that is coming or dream about something that seems silly but is still just as important.

Recurring dreams happen over and over again, and you can have the same dream play out in different ways.  There is likely an emotional reason for this to happen and you need to examine yourself and see what is going on and why it keeps happening.

Other Kinds of Dreams

There are other kinds of dreams and here are a few of them:

  • Precognitive Dreams

These dreams can help you to tell the future. These can have details that are off, but they can alert you of things.

  • Warning Dreams

A warning dream can warn you that danger is coming or that you are about to face problems. You might not realize a crisis is coming so pay attention.

  • Fact Dreams

These kinds of dreams are ones where you will have facts and information that is helpful to you. This can be to help you with a job or to talk to a friend.

  • Inspirational Dreams

An inspirational dream will help you to move on when you are having a hard time in life. They will encourage you and give you a good feeling.

  • Visitation Dreams

This happens when loved ones come and visit you. This is a way that they can connect with you by your dreams and when you are sleeping and your subconscious is open to messages then you will experience these kinds of dreams.


When you dream, you can sometimes remember this right away and if you do not, it will probably fade over time. You can have a dream that is very vivid, and it can help you to remember it but still chances are as time goes on that you will remember less and less of it.


If you want to remember your dreams or compare them later, you should keep a dream journal. A dream journal will help you to be able to remember your dreams and to look back and see if your dreams come true.

Always date your dream journal and write down everything you can remember. Put in places and faces and numbers or anything that comes to mind. Even if it doesn’t seem meaningful, it still can be.

Dreams are made up of many things and not all dreams will stand out. Learn to interpret your dreams or go to a psychic and see if they can help you. Figure out what your dream means to you and then look up meanings from others that have dreamed the same things and maybe you can get some fresh insight to what you are seeing.