Adler Dream Theory

Alfred Adler

Alfred Adler was born in 1870 and he believed that dreams would help people to control their lives, even when they were awake. He felt that dreams helped to solve problems and would come so that people could better understand the problems that they had.

Learning Your Dreams

Adler felt that learning your dreams and learning to work them into your life could help you to make a connection between the problems that you have and how you deal with them. When you dream more, Adler felt that you had more problems in your life and the less dreams that you dreamt meant that you have less problems and are healthier in your mind.

Controlling Dreams and Behavior

Adler thought that you could use dreams to control your behavior and that people that did not control their behaviors were controlled by their unconscious mind. He felt that people that wanted to work towards perfection and needed to be in control of their life did things that they did for a purpose because the unconscious and conscious mind did not work together.

Adler felt that the unconscious and conscious mind fought against each other, and they would work rather you were sleeping or awake.

Dreams and Thoughts

Dreams were the pathway to your thoughts, according to Adler and he believed that dreams brought out your real emotions and how you act. Your dreams can help you meet your desires, but they also cause people to overcompensate for things that they are not good at in life.

Feeling Accepted in Society

If you cannot stand up to your bully while you are awake, you can stand up to them while you are dreaming, and this can make you feel accepted in society and help you to have more happiness.

Final Thoughts

Knowing and understanding your dreams is important. Dreams can tell a lot about a person and about what they are thinking and feeling. When you have vivid dreams and you have strong feelings, these things can mean something important for your life.