When Elements Show In Your Dreams

Water Dreams

The four elements include air, water, fire and earth and they are what helps to build everything in life. These are things that can show up in your dreams as a rainstorm or as a fire. These dreams can help you to understand your life more.


Here are the four elements and what they mean:

  • Air: Represents thoughts, doubts, ideas, images, perspective, and your mental energies.
  • Water: This is emotional energies that control your intuition and feelings.
  • Earth: This element shows the things that happen in the earth around you and can include your physical bodies.
  • Fire: This is changes and growth. Fire changes the elements, and it can come in different forms. It shows passion and drives.

If you see these elements show up in your dreams, then this can be significant to your life. Here are some examples:

Water Dreams

If you keep having a dream of water such as swimming or being in the ocean, this can mean that you have clear dreams. It can mean that your emotions are strong and that you are dealing with negativity. The clues of the water such as if it is standing still or if the waves are big can determine what the dreams mean.

Sometimes water dreams mean your past life and the emotions that come up when something happens around you. The energy of your element can help you to understand the reasons that you are getting dreams and how to interpret them.

Elements of Your Dreams

The elements and the subject of your dream can determine if the dream is telling you something about your mind, body, or soul. It can be an emotional or a spiritual dream. You might dream of a subject and see yourself under the water and this can evoke negative emotions.

State of Element

The way that the element is shown and what state it is can depend on what the dream means. What is the shape of the fire? What thoughts are you having as you see the fire in your dream? The meaning can have to do with how you feel about the fire around you. Is the fire burning down a house you loved or is it part of a fire pit that you enjoy sitting around?

Elements and Symbols

Each element can show up in your dream and the symbol of the element will have its own energy. The elements can manifest in your dreams in different ways, and it is important to understand the symbol of the elements and what the dream is telling you.

Dreams and Your Attention

Some dreams are there to get your attention and to help you to know what you should be doing. If you dream of a mountain, it can mean that you are facing a challenge that is going to leave you feeling fearful or feeling isolated. Find out how deep and how height the mount is and how it makes you feel.


The details of your dreams can help you to understand what is going on in your life more. You might have waters where the waves are choppy or a wind that is a tornado. Depending on the flow and the direction of the element and the symbols behind it can determine what is going on in your life.

If the wind was challenging you, it can mean that you are being challenged in things in your life and you need to be ready to face these things on. The elements can give you a positive or a negative dream depending on how they make you feel.