Are You Being Taken in Your Dreams?

Being Taken in Your Dreams

Having a dream of being kidnapped can be scary but the great news is that it isn’t always something bad. Sometimes it can mean that you need to be stronger and more confident. Sometimes dreams like this happen because you watched a movie about someone being kidnapped before you went to sleep.

When you dream of being kidnapped, don’t get upset, you need to figure out what this dream can mean for your life.

Spiritual Meaning

Dreaming of being kidnapped can mean that you are insecure or that life is making you feel trapped. Here is what it can mean:

  • You Feel Trapped

Dreaming of being kidnapped can mean that you are manipulating someone or that you are being manipulated. It can also mean that there are things in your life that you aren’t in control of or that you feel trapped.

When you have this dream over and over it can mean that there are emotions inside of you that you are not letting go and these can be negative thinking patterns.

  • Feeling Insecure

Some people that have these kinds of dreams are often insecure in their lives. They have low self-confidence, and they need to stand up for themselves more.

  • Irresponsible

Dreaming of being kidnapped can mean that you are not taking responsibility for your life. When life gets stressful, you need to let your mind grow. Don’t be afraid of being responsible and learn to look deep into your life.

  • Feeling Victimized

If you don’t feel secure or if you don’t feel that you are safe, you might have a dream of being kidnapped. You can also have this dream when you feel like you are a victim. Learn to fight and to stand up for yourself against people that are out to hurt you.

  • Get Help

These kinds of dreams can mean that someone needs help. It can mean that you feel that you have no hope and that no one is there to help you. You might feel that your life is helpless but sometimes you just need to step back and take a break.

  • Good Luck

Kidnapping dreams don’t always mean something bad. Sometimes it can mean that something good is going to happen in your life.

Will You Be Kidnapped?

Some people believe that when you have a dream that it will come true. The truth is, most of the time when someone has a dream, it is symbolic, and it can mean something completely different than the dream.

Of course, there is always a chance that you could be kidnapped so always pay attention to your surroundings.

Kidnapping Dream Interpretations

Kidnapping dreams can be interpreted in different ways depending on who is interpreting the dream. Here are some of the common interpretations:

  • Feeling Fear

Dreaming of being kidnapped can cause anxiety and stress. If you had this dream though and you were calm and collected, this dream could mean that you have a hard time expressing your emotions.

  • Being Tortured

If you are having pain in your life that you can’t seem to grasp like some kind of trauma, it can come in the form of a dream of being kidnapped. If you have this dream and you are being tortured while being kidnapped, then you might be losing control of your life.

  • Feeling Trapped

Sometimes a kidnapped dream can leave you feeling trapped. If the kidnapper locks you in the room, it can mean that you feel stuck in your relationship. You might be finding in your dream that you have to change something to not feel trapped.

  • Blindfolded

Dreaming of being blindfolded while being kidnapped can mean that you have information that you don’t really believe in. This might be information that is warning you to make better decisions and to look deeper in your life.

Take the right steps and make sure that you are doing good thing and that you are finding peace in your relationships and in your life.

  • Kidnapped By Your Partner

If you are kidnapped by your partner, it can mean that you have a relationship that has toxic traits. This can mean that you have a relationship that is keeping you unhappy. You need to make changes by communicating better or by being more romantic.

  • Pushed Into a Car

Having someone pushing you into a car while kidnapping you can mean that you let people manipulate you and control you in a bad way. If you are being forced into a car in your dream, it can mean that you need them to be honest with you.

Do You Know the Kidnapper?

There are many people that know their kidnapper in your dream. When this happens, it can mean that you have people in your life that you don’t trust.

  • Kidnapped By Your Ex

Dreaming of being kidnapped by your ex can mean that you still have feelings for your ex. It can also mean that you have feelings for your partner, and you want to cut them out of your life so that the feelings go away.

  • Who is the Kidnapper?

Even if you dream that you are kidnapped, it might mean that you have no confidence. You might not remember who the kidnapper is or if there was even one to begin with. If you have these dreams often, build up your courage.

  • Ransom

Giving a ransom to your kidnapper in your dream can mean that you have a financial problem that you are facing. You might have made bad decisions and if you did, you need to figure out how to get your finances back in line.

  • Kidnapped in the Woods

Many people get kidnapped in the woods. When you dream of being kidnapped in the woods it can mean that you feel lonely or that you have an emotional attachment to someone. You also might be tempted to have an affair to stop feeling lonely.

  • Kidnapped Again After Escaping

If you get kidnapped again after escaping it can mean that you are getting yourself in the same mess over and over again. You might keep having these dreams to tell you to avoid negative things.

  • Kidnapped for No Reason

If you have been kidnapped in your dream for no reason, it can mean that you have dreams that you haven’t fulfilled in your life. You need to dedicate yourself to reaching your goals and not settling.

Final Thoughts

Have you dreamed recently about being kidnapped? If you have, there are things in your life that you probably need to change. Instead of worrying that someone is going to kidnap you in real life, learn the meaning of your dream and make changes that you need to make to find your happiness.