Having Prophetic Dreams

Dreams can Match the Future

A prophetic dream can help you to see into the future. You will see that a prophetic dream can be confirmed after the thing that you have dreamed about takes place. This is one way that we can hear stories about how people can use prophetic dreams to know the future.

What Do Scientists Say?

Some prophetic dreams just seem to happen by coincidence, but scientists do not believe that there are psychic powers, and they believe that dreams come true because they are part of your conscious mind making you aware of things in your life and this causes you to dream.

Dreams can Match the Future

Other people believe that when you dream, you can change the dream so that it matches the outcome of your future. Since dreams can be forgotten so quickly, the dream that you had may be different than what you remember because you might forget important parts of the dream.

Dreams and Information

Still, others believe that when you dream, your mind is putting information together faster than your conscious mind is able to and the dreams show you what you believe will happen based on the information that you have in your mind.

Dreams and Psychic Powers

There are some people that still do believe in psychic powers and that dreams help to tell the future. People that believe in prophetic dreams realize that dreams can be linked to things such as natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes, assassinations, wars, accidents such as car accidents or plane crashes and even winning lottery numbers.

Dreams and Crimes

Many people that believe in psychic dreams believe that dreams can help to solve crimes. Even Abraham Lincoln is said to have dreamed of a coffin before he was killed. Another famous person, John Dunne claims that he dreamt of a volcano erupting in France and then later it happened.

When you have a prophetic dream, it can mean that you are having stress in your life that has to do with your future. Look at your dreams and allow them to lead you on the right path in your life.