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Numbers Dream Themes

Numbers Dream Themes

Seeing numbers in your dream can encourage you in your life. Numbers can reflect different things in your life, and they can appear directly in front of you or in objects or actions that can repeat or create that number.

Make sure you know that numbers that are odd are considered aggressive numbers and even numbers are considered calm.

Stick with basic numbers to try to figure out what they mean such as 2010 can mean a year but it can also add up to 3 if you add them all together.


The number zero can mean that you are empty inside and you feel that something is missing out of your life. This can also mean that you are complete or mean eternity or freedom. A dream with this number can tell you that you are going in circles in your life and you are getting nowhere. Maybe you are doing things that are not working and you need to change your ways.


One can mean being a leader or it can mean that you are the best. It can mean that you are singular or lonely or that you have a strong tie to the spiritual realm.


The number two can mean being in a partnership such as marriage or it can mean you are weak, or you have twice as much strength. The world is made in opposites such as a female and male, brother and sister, daylight and dark and yin and yang and this can represent the number two.


Three can mean you are complete or that you are energetic. It can mean the trinity, or it can mean past, present and future. This can also mean a feeling or to do something a third time.


The number four can mean that you are limited in what you do but that you work hard. This number stands for the elements of the earth such as fire, water, wind and earth and for material things. This can also mean death in the Asian culture.


Five is a number that means being bold or loving nature. This can mean that you have five senses in your body or feelings, and it can mean that you need to change which way you choose to go in your life.


The number six can mean balance or being perfect. It can also mean being strong in your mind and emotions or perfection.


Seven can mean healing and music. It is a number that is strong in the spiritual sense and can also mean you are unique.


The number eight can mean success and trust. It can also mean eating or digesting something.


Nine is a number that means rebirth or inspiration. You can seek to do something great when you see this number, or it can mean for a long time.


The number ten means strong and it can mean closure.


The number 11 can mean that you are spiritual or that you are able to reach things that you want to do. This number can also have a lot to do with visions and it can represent a parallel line or an individual or partnership. If you look at this number sideways it can be an equal sign, but it can also mean balance.


Dreaming of 12 can mean that you are wanting to be perfect or that you are repeating things.


The number 13 can mean death or a new beginning. This can be obstacles that are in your way or it can mean working hard so that you can be successful. Some believe this is a bad luck number.


Seeing 14 in your dream can mean you are changing with life and how it changes or it can mean you give yourself too much or you give into your desires when it is not right and you need to reach your goals and work harder.


The number 15 can mean that you are in a place where there are problems, but they are going away.


16 in your dream can mean that you are naïve or that you are vulnerable to other people. This number can also mean you are changing, and you are reaching a place you need to be.


The number 17 means the soul.


Dreaming of 18 can mean that you are deceiving others or that you lie a lot. This can also mean you are selfish, and you are about to change and have to take on more responsibilities.


The number 19 can mean you have to get rid of the things that are holding you back and learn to stand up for who you are. This can also mean you are stubborn and when people want to help you, you refuse it.


Seeing 20 in your dream can mean that you need support or that you have isolated yourself from people that you need in your life.


Seeing 20 in your dream can mean you are at a place in your life where you are changing, and you reach adulthood. This an also mean that you need to learn to accept things that happen, and you need to accept responsibilities. This can also be a lucky number in Blackjack.


The number 22 can mean that you are wise, and you need to work towards reaching your goals.


Seeing 23 in your dream can mean you want to please others and your goals are not realistic.


The number 24 can mean that you are happy or that you have love for others. This can also mean you are powerful or that you are too prideful. This is how many hours are in a day.


Dreaming of 25 can mean that you have issues, but everyone does and its time to move on and stop thinking about them.


The number 26 can mean karma and your love of the earth.


The number 27 can mean you are very committed to others and you have unconditional love for people.


Seeing 28 in your dream can mean you like to make money easily or it shares the same meaning as the number 10.


The number 30 can mean that you are not being real with your feelings and emotions.


Seeing 32 in your dream can mean you are numb to what is going on around you and to your own emotions.


Seeing 34 in your dream can mean that you are needing to move past your mistakes and learn to be happy with what you have learned.


Dreaming of 35 can mean that you are not harmonious or in unity with people.


The number 36 can mean that you are sexual.


Dreaming of 39 can mean that you are thoughtful to others and you meditate to do the best things.


Seeing 40 in your dream can mean that you have all the time you need to grow and to prepare for changes.


The number 42 can mean that you are attracted to the opposite of you.


Seeing 44 in your dream can mean that you will be married and have a union with someone.


Dreaming of 50 can mean joy and happiness or that you want to celebrate. It can also mean you are sharing things with others.


Seeing the number 60 can mean time is running out or that you are not going to have something in your life forever.


The number 70 can mean that you are loving life and things are perfect for you.


If you see 76 in your dream it can mean you will see your plans or ideas come to pass. You will work hard, and the hard work will pay off.


Dreaming of 80 can mean that you are successful, and you will reach your goals as long as our keep pushing.


The number ninety-nine can mean you do not understand your personal relationship and you need to work on them.


Dreaming of 100 can mean that you agree with something completely or you are always willing to give your all when you do something.


This number is the devil number and an evil number. Dreaming this number can mean you are doing something wrong.


The number 777 can mean good luck or perfection. This can also be a number that fights evil.


Dreaming of 911 can mean that something is an emergency in your life, and you need to get guidance or ask someone to help you. This can also mean that someone is taking advantage of you or even that you are learning a life answer.

If you dream of calling 911 and no one will answer, it can mean someone is in charge of you and you need to make an urgent call so that you can get someone’s attention.

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