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Dream Facts

Dream Facts

Here are some facts about dreaming:

  • You spend around 1/3 of your life sleeping.
  • You would have spent around six years dreaming in a regular lifetime, that means more than 2,000 days in dreamland.
  • Dreams have been written about since the Roman Era.
  • People that are healthy have dreams but some do not believe this because they cannot remember them.
  • People that do not dream might have a protein deficiency or even a personality disorder.
  • People can dream up to seven dreams a night.
  • An average person can dream up to two hours each night.
  • People that are blind dream, the images that they have will depend on what their life was like from birth. Most blind people will dream about smells and sounds.
  • After a dream ends, more than half of the dream is forgotten after five minutes. 90% of the dream is lost after 10 minutes.
  • Dream comes from a Middle English word which means music and joy.
  • Women dream about men and women equally while men will dream more about men.
  • Research has shown that when women have REM dreams that they will have increased vaginal flow regardless of what the dream is about.
  • People that give up smoking or other bad habits have more vivid dreams.
  • People that dream will not show up in their own dreams until they are three or four years of age.
  • Toddlers do not dream about themselves.
  • When you snore, you are not dreaming at that time.
  • Children from three years old to almost eight years old have nightmares.
  • More than 60% of Americans have Déjà vu happen in their dreams.
  • Most people dream about their own houses.
  • More than 3% of adults have sleep apnea and this can cause them to be tired because of lack of REM sleep.
  • It is normal for men to have erections during REM sleep no matter what they are dreaming.
  • Nightmare is from a female spirit that bothers people at night while they are sleeping.
  • Negative emotions happen more than twice as much as positive emotions in dreams and fear and stress are the most felt emotion in dreams followed by anger and sadness.

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