What Do Flying Dreams Mean?

Flying Dream

People have dreams and some people dream of flying. This could mean that you wish that you could escape certain people or certain things. Flying can mean that you want to have freedom. Dreaming of flying can be a desire for those that are looking to get away from hard things in their life.

Flying dreams can have different meanings and it depends on the context of the dream to figure out what the dream actually means.

Common Meanings

One way that you can know your dreams more is to keep a dream journal. This is something you keep close to your bed and if you wake up after a dream, write the dream down in as much detail that you can.

Spiritual Meaning of a Flying Dream

Dreams can be both positive and negative and a flying dream is the same. Flying does represent freedom in most dreams and when you are flying, it shows that you are free to go anywhere that you want. This also means that you can be or do anything.

In a negative context though, flying could mean that you feel like you need to get out of a certain place because you feel stressed and aggravated about life.

Interpretations of Flying Dreams

Here are some interpretations of flying dreams:

  • Lucid Flying Dreams

A flying dream might be a lucid dream. This means that you would be able to control your actions in the dream and take over how the dream goes. This also means that you are aware that you are dreaming.

When you are flying in a lucid dream, you might shape the dream in a way that you want it to go. This can mean that you are like a super human and you fly wherever and whenever you want. This can let you go anywhere that you want.

  • Flying Higher

Flying higher in a dream might mean that you want to have freedom from something that is blocking you. There might be hard things going on in your life such as relationship problems, financial problems, or other negative things.

As you fly higher, you risk falling, and this can mean that you are letting your pride be in control of your life and you are boosting about things that you have.

  • Falling

As you dream of flying, you might be dreaming this because you are not growing like you want. Some things might be blocking or challenging you from progressing in life and you might feel like a failure. This dream can tell you that it is time to focus on how to deal with things that are hard.

As you write these dreams in your journal, you can see if you can understand more of what they mean. If you are flying high in a dream and you start falling, it can mean that you are being blocked from success.

  • Flying with Wings

If you dream of flying like a bird, it can mean that you are being positive, and you are starting something new. This can mean that you are a free spirit, and you have things coming your way that are good. These things can make you happy and can empower you.

  • Flying in a Plane

Another common dream is flying in an airplane. If you dream of this, it can mean that you want to take a journey in your life. It can mean that you are independent and that you want to be free. You can control where you go, and this means you are confident in your life, and you can reach your success easily.

Final Thoughts

Dreaming about flying can be all about what is in your inner mind. You might have good or bad things going on in your life and this can affect the dreams that you have. As you interpret your dreams or get them interpreted, know that this has to do with intuition and your own feelings and insights.

If you aren’t sure if you are able to interpret your dream, talk to someone that does this for a living and see what they tell you that the dream means.