When You Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreams

When you can control your own dreams, you are lucid dreaming. This allows you to be awake in your mind while your body is sleeping. You are able to confront things in your life that you are usually not able to confront, and it can help you to be brave and confident.

Dreams as a Rehearsal

You will achieve lucid dreaming and then you can use it as a tool to rehearse things such as speeches, to study for tests and to fulfill the fantasies that you have. This happens when you need to practice things like the athletes do such as their golf game or swinging a bat.

Dreaming to Ask for Things

You can use lucid dreaming to ask your boss to give you a raise or to ask out your first love. This can help you to get rid of writer block and can help you to rehearse things in your mind before you even do them.

Dreaming to Get Rid of Fear

Lucid dreaming can help you to not be afraid of things and to face your fears before you really have to face them. This is part of your imagination.

Dreaming for Practice

The brain will go in a state that allows you to practice things because you are able to control what is going on in your dream., Even though you are on a dream state, you will be able to train and prepare for things that you will actually be awake for.

Prepare Yourself with Lucid Dreaming

This can help you to have patterns in life that you can prepare for. Most adults have had a lucid dream in their life, but many have not ever reported them whereas others have reported their dreams without knowing that it was lucid dreaming. When you practice lucid dreaming, you will achieve what you want to do in your life.