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Children And Dreaming

Children And Dreaming

Research that was done in Virginia found that children dream more about animals than adults do. This can be due to the fact that children are more interested in animals and they spend a lot of time watching television and reading about animals in their life.

Animals that are scary to children such as snakes or crocodiles are more often to be in children’s dreams than animals that are not scary such as cats, dogs or birds. Children use animals as a way to show what they wish for and a way to show what they are afraid of.

Children that dream will sometimes dream more about aggressive things than adults do. This might happen because children have not yet learned to control the impulses that they have, and they might not know how to really live in our society because they are so young. They are trying to learn how to live and face the things around them.

Research shows that girls seem to have longer dreams than boys do and that their dreams have more people and clothes in them and that boys dream about things such as shapes, tools and other objects.

When a child has a nightmare, they are often dreamed because they have been disciplined by their parents and so it causes them to have bad dreams. They also might have nightmares if they have a bad family life or if they are sick.

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