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When you have had nightmares, the truth is that they are very normal to have. Nightmares happen because when you have emotions that are frightened or very strong, it can cause you to have a nightmare.

Nightmares cause you to wake up because they can be scary, and you are more likely going to remember a nightmare in more detail. A nightmare will have an impact on you because they have strong images and you might remember them all day.

Research shows that people that are sensitive, have a strong imagination or are full of intuition have more nightmares than other people. This can happen because they have stronger emotions and are more in tune with their environment.

One reason that nightmares get your attention is because they are sometimes known to show you that a problem is about to happen so that you can avoid it. Make sure that you confront the issue and that you listen to the warning because it might protect you from an accident or from bad health.

Nightmares can also show that something is bothering you and be part of your subconscious mind. If you can learn to understand and discuss your nightmares, chances are that you can figure out what is bothering you and work through your conflicts.

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