Flying Dreams

Flying Dreams

When you dream about flying, chances are you have lucid dreams. These kinds of dreams happen when you know that you are dreaming but then you can control your dreams. Some dreamers know that they are flying, and they can control where they are flying, and it makes them happy.


When you are flying you can look around at the world around you and you will see that you are in charge of the situation, Flying can mean that you need to control what is going on in your life and have more power.


Flying dreams can make you have a bigger perspective of things. When you look at your dream and you are flying you can see the world from a different perspective.


Flying can cause your body to see that nothing is impossible. You can do anything and if flying is your possibility, it means so is freedom. You can see that you are strong and remember not to give up. No one can tell you what you can do in life.


When you fly it can mean that you are reaching for a bigger spiritual connection. Your growth can equal the flight you are taking.


When you dream that you are flying, it can mean that you are trying to get rid of the pressures in your life. Learn to confront your problems and let things go.

Sense of Self

When you are flying in your dream you will feel that nothing can stop you. Maybe you think you have it better than others and you are looking down on them.


When you are analyzing your dreams, you will need to look at how high and fast you are going. This can show how much confidence you have and flying backwards can mean that you are looking into your past.

Flying can be a positive thing and if you are afraid when you are flying then it can mean you are afraid of challenges. Maybe you aren’t ready for the next step and your flying dreams can show that you are not in control of what is going on in your life.

If you fly by power poles or mountains, you will see these as encounters and you will realize that there are things in your way that are preventing you from moving forward. Do not set unrealistic goals that you cannot meet.