Dreams About Spiders


Dreams are very meaningful and certain subjects in your dreams can have different meanings. If you are someone that dreams about spiders, chances are that you might think that this kind of dream is bad. But the truth is, spiders are creatures that are resourceful, and they are great at keeping other pests away. If you are dreaming about spiders, it can be a message for you, but it depends on what is happening in the dream.

Nagging Spiders

Some people think about spiders as being bugs but even if they are bugging you, they are not really a bug. A spider in your dream might keep bothering you and this can mean that you are stressed or that you feel that you aren’t in control of your life.

Face the issues in your life right away so that you can have a clear and good mental health.

Peaceful and Productive

Spiders don’t have a good reputation for some people and many people fear them. If you are interested in how productive this creature is, dreaming about them might have a positive feeling in your life. Spiders are strong and they represent energy that is feminine. They also represent being strong and patient.

Having a dream of a spider and feeling good about it can mean that you are able to take on a new project or that you are inspiring other people.

Toxic Threat

A spider in a dream that makes you feel threatened can have a totally different meaning. If you feel afraid in your dream after you see a spider, this can be a warning for you. This can mean that you have people in y our life that are toxic and that you need to get away from them.


Dreaming of a spider spinning a web can mean different things. It can mean for one that you have gotten yourself in a situation that you feel that you cannot get out of. You might even feel trapped or afraid.

Another reason you might dream this is that you feel that you are not able to go in the right direction and you can’t seem to get out of the rut that you are in. Spiderwebs are very thin, and people are not trapped by webs and can conquer them. Therefore, this kind of dream can mean that you are able to conquer your fears or your situation if you face it head on.

Final Thoughts

A spider dream that keeps repeating itself can mean that you need to listen to the message of the dream. Consider what the spider is doing and how you are feeling when you see it. If you aren’t sure what to do about it or what the dream means, talk to a psychic, and get a dream interpretation.