Dreaming of a Deceased Loved One

Deceased Loved

When you dream of a loved one that has passed to the other side, this can be a visitation from them. You might wonder if it’s just a dream or if it has a deeper meaning. Sometimes a loved one will come to you so that you can know that they are okay. The great news is that the connection is real.

Dream or Visitation Dream

A regular dream is one that will end with something weird or something that doesn’t make sense. You might dream that you float down the river on a car or that you are flying through the air with a sling shot.

This is a regular dream, and it doesn’t make sense because it isn’t meant to. It is just nonsense, and it is a simple thing to give you pleasure and peace while you are sleeping.

Visitation Dream

A visitation dream is different. This is when your loved one comes to you to tell you something or to deliver a message to you. It is easiest for a loved one that has died to communicate to you with a dream because this is a time that you are resting and listening.

When you are reached by a loved one in your dream, you will know that this is your loved one. You will see that they are there and that they are who they say that they are.

Messages from Loved Ones

There aren’t rules when it comes to a loved one visiting you. You can dream that they are eating with you, hugging you or watching television with you. This can be to show you love and care but there aren’t rules to this.

Dream Connection

Here are some ways that you can know that your loved one has communicated with you:

  • You feel like they are by you. If you wake up and feel like your loved one is with you, this is a visitation dream.
  • They show you another sign later. You might get another sign such as their favorite song on the radio or seeing a bird that they loved. Always have an open mind to these signs. Even a pet can give you a connection and can pick up when a spirit is close to you.

Love is Always There

Love is always there for you, and it never goes away. Dreams are the easiest ways for your loved one to connect with you. Once you start to trust that it was really your loved one, you can look for signs that your dead loved one is sending you.

As soon as you start to be open to these signs, you will let them know that you are open to them coming to you.


  1. The connection between dreams and messages from loved ones is an interesting concept. It suggests that our subconscious minds are capable of more profound experiences than we typically acknowledge.

    • I agree, Buster. It’s fascinating to consider that dreams might serve as a bridge between our conscious and unconscious worlds, especially when it involves communication with those who have passed.

    • Indeed, the idea that love persists beyond physical presence and can manifest through dreams is both comforting and compelling. It provides a broader perspective on the continuity of emotional bonds.

  2. I appreciate the categorization of dreams in this article. It provides a structured way to understand different dream types and what they might signify, especially when dealing with the loss of a loved one.

  3. Understanding the difference between nonsensical dreams and meaningful visitation dreams makes the topic more accessible. The criteria listed to identify visitation dreams are practical and easy to follow.

  4. The idea that a loved one can visit us in our dreams to convey messages is intriguing. The examples and signs provided give a tangible way to interpret these experiences.

  5. The distinction between regular dreams and visitation dreams is fascinating. It makes sense that a loved one would choose to communicate through dreams, as our minds are more open and relaxed during sleep.

  6. The idea of receiving messages from loved ones through dreams offers comfort to many. However, it’s essential to balance these experiences with a rational perspective to avoid misinterpretations.

  7. The distinction between regular dreams and visitation dreams is thought-provoking. It adds a layer of complexity to our understanding of the subconscious and its interactions with our emotions and memories.

  8. The concept of visitation dreams offers comfort to those who have lost loved ones. It provides a possible explanation for vivid dreams that feel more real than ordinary dreams.

  9. Dreams have always been a crucial part of human psychology. This article underscores their potential significance in connecting with loved ones, which can be a source of solace for those grieving.

  10. While the concept of visitation dreams is intriguing, it raises questions about the subjective nature of dream interpretation. It would be interesting to see more empirical research on this phenomenon.


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