Using Crystals to Lucid Dream

Crystals for Lucid Dreaming

Have you ever dreamed and then woke up and you were surprised that you were actually dreaming? This could have been a lucid dream. Lucid dreams are a powerful kind of dream that happens when you are in REM sleep. This is a deep dream state and when a lucid dreamer enters this place, they can control the dreams that they have.

Lucid dreaming will help you to develop your psychic gifts and help you to be stronger in your intuition in life.

Lucid Dreaming Dangers

Most people more than half have had lucid dreams at least once in their life. One psychologist, Stephen LaBerge developed devices that would help people to know if they were lucid dreaming. His research helped people to understand lucid dreaming more and how they control their dreams.

Many are curious if lucid dreaming can be dangerous, but most people think that the biggest danger is that it would cause someone to not get a good amount of sleep or lead to mental illness.  This can be helpful though for people that have nightmares and now they can control their dreams to be peaceful.

Lucid dreaming is great if you want to make your third eye open and stronger and you want to develop your gifts in each walk of your life.

Crystals for Lucid Dreaming

There are some crystals that can be used when you want to lucid dream. These crystals can make the dreams happen and if you keep them under your pillow while you sleep, you can have these kinds of dreams. Here are some of the best stones:

  • Amethyst

This is a purple stone that has strong abilities to keep the mind calm. It can also get rid of negative thinking and activate the third eye which can help you to lucid dream.

  • Azurite

This is a stone that works if you astral travel. This can make your intuition stronger and increase your lucid dreams.

  • Crystal Quartz

This is a stone that can calm your mind and get rid of negative energies.

  • Herkimer Diamond

This stone is one that is a quartz, and it can help you if you have a hard time being spiritual. You can use this to open up your mind and to astral travel or lucid dream.

  • Lapiz Lazuli

This stone is great if you want to communicate better, or you want to open yourself up to dreams.

  • Lodolite

The Lodolite is a stone that can help you lucid dream and you should keep it close to your bed when you sleep.

  • Moldavite

The Moldavite is a powerful stone that can help you to control your dreams. This stone is made of some of the oldest minerals on earth and may be from outer space.

  • Rainbow Moonstone

This is a white labradorite stone and it can help you sleep better and make your dreams stronger. Use this stone to protect yourself from negative energy or past life memories.

Binaural Beats for Dreaming

Another thing that you can do to have lucid dreams is using binaural beats. This is a type of music frequency that you can play in the background while you’re sleeping. You can use this, and it can help to make you lucid dream. There are different ranges that you can use for this, and you can also purchase different tracks online to help you know which ones to use.

Build your lucid dreaming with this kind of music and see that you can control your dreams and you can play out your lucid dreams.