Having Precognitive Dreams

Precognitive Dreams

The dreams that you have are connected to your subconscious mind and when you have dreams that are predicting the future, these are also connected to an awareness that you have that is from a higher place.

You may dream as a child and realize that the dream comes true. These are dreams that can be shocking and can cause you to wonder what is going on in your life. These dreams wake you up and they tell your future rather your future looks good or grim.

Having future dreams is important. Dreams like this are a gift from the spiritual world and they show you how to connect your dreams with reality. The dreams can give you some kind of wisdom that you need in order to reach certain places in your life or in the spiritual world such as connecting with your spiritual guides.

Dreaming helps you to get information and to escape the waking world at times but future telling dreams are deeper and more spiritual. These are often called precognitive or even psychic dreams because they give you information to help you to prepare for certain situations.

Some people call these dreams somatic dreams also because the dreams are very detailed and vivid and sometimes include things such as:

    • Remote viewing.
    • Distance viewing.
    • Lucid dreaming.

There might be things in your dreams that happened to you just a few days ago. Maybe you were visiting a city and then a few months later you were in that city and all the same things came to pass.

The dreams might be in future times, and they might be there to give you messages and to show you predictions. The vivid dreams that you have can come true and it can shock you and leave you with certain feelings such as clairvoyant feelings which points out your psychic gifts.

Dreaming about the future is a normal thing because anytime in your life the future is at hand. It is always something that you think about subconsciously. When you dream and you forget what you dreamed, the purpose of that dream was because you dreamed of something important but now isn’t the time for you to act upon the dream and so you forget it.

Dreams allow you to discover things about your life and about the world around you. They allow you to go beyond the physical into a deeper place. They help you to understand who you are and give you psychic energy that allows you to face things that will come in the future.

  • Future Dreams

Dreaming about the future means that you have a vision of what you expect your future to look like. This doesn’t mean that it will come true, but it might. There are sometimes nightmares that you will have about the future, and these once again may or may not happen.

When you think about the future you might wonder if you’re ever going to get married or find the right job for you. The dream might come to give you conformation or to show you what your life might look like later down the road.

  • Dreaming and Spiritual Guides

Dreaming about the future is connected with your spiritual guides. They might be there to show you something that you need to change or to show you something negative that is going to happen so that you can prepare for it. As you connect with your spirito guides, it can give you a chance to change the path that you’re on so that you can change what happens in the dream that you had.

If you are someone that dreams about the future and you dream about things like natural disasters before they happen, you might be able to use these dreams to stay on the right path in your life. There are dreams that will show you in certain areas and in certain situations and when you are using your dreams and your psychic gifts to guide you, you can notice the dreams and see that they can guide you.

Dreaming about the future and the dream not coming true might mean that you are just dealing with a lot of stress and pressure and that you are overwhelmed with what is going on in your present life. This might also mean that you need to change something and focus on something good.

  • Dreaming of a Family

When you dream of having a family and you are dating someone in the current state of your life, it can mean that you hope to have a family of your own. These kinds of dreams are common, and they don’t always predict the future.

Some people will dream of having children because they are unable to conceive, and they would love to have a baby come into their lives. Someone who is pregnant and dreams of having a family might have this dream and not even know that they are pregnant yet.

  • Dreaming of What is Coming

Having dreams of the future means you are having precognitive dreams. These dreams can be spiritual and can predict what the future has to hold.

  • Dreaming of a Happy Future

Dreaming of a happy future might mean that good things are coming for you. You might have been dealing with hard things and now its time to let that go and get ready to invest in a new happiness in your life.

  • Dreaming of Meeting a Partner

A dream of meeting a new partner might mean that you are going to meet your soulmate soon or it could mean that you have a desire in your life that you haven’t been able to reach yet. It could mean that you want to be in a real relationship and that you need to find someone that will make you happy. This could also mean that you are in a bad relationship, and it might be time to move on from it.

  • Dreaming of Marriage

If you have a dream about marriage and you are in a relationship with someone it could mean that you have a strong relationship and that you are with someone that is good for you. The person that you are dreaming about might be the one that is going to ask you to marry them someday down the road.

Being in a bad relationship and having this dream might mean that you need to find someone to be with that makes you happy or it might mean that you need to fix the problems that you and your partner are facing to make the marriage work out in the end.

  • Dreaming of Someone Else’s Future

Dreaming of someone else’s future means that you might see some changes in their life. The changes might be happening to them, and you should look at the details of the dream to find out what might be coming.

  • Dreaming of a Bad Future

Dreaming of a bad future might actually be a positive dream. It can mean that you are moving forward, and you are able to face hard things in your life.

  • Dreaming of a Future Child

If you are going to have a child in the future and you are dreaming of seeing your child, this might mean that you are excited about having a baby or it could mean that you are scared of changes that are coming in your life.

  • Dreaming of Loneliness

Dreaming of being lonely might mean that you are worried that your family or your friends might leave you or it could mean that you hurt someone in your past.

  • Dreaming of Being in the Future

Having a dream about being in the future means that you want to have more action and you need to find things that bring you joy.

  • Dreaming About Changing the Future

Dreaming about trying to change the future could be a sign that you feel that you are stuck in your life. It might mean that you have fears that you aren’t facing and that you need to be more focused on what the future holds. You need to face the fears in front of you and learn to change your life for the better.

Final Thoughts

Dreaming about events that could happen in the future happens to some people. These are dreams that will be vivid and will be detailed. These dreams can be like messages from the spiritual world that are trying to warn you or help you.

Having these dreams allow you to be able to face what might come in the future so that you can make changes now for the better. Whatever happens in your dream can be important and can indicate that you are going to go through something both good and bad.

It is important to write down your dreams so that you can remember them and so that you can be prepared for them if they come true.