What Do Teeth Dreams Mean?

Teeth Dreams

Dreaming of your teeth falling out is a common dream and it can be that your teeth break in your hands or fall out or even get crooked or rot. The dreams can be shocking and bad, and they can leave you remembering them all day.

  • Vanity

Some believe that you dream about teeth because you are worried about how you look and how people look at you. Teeth can help you have an image that makes you more attractive and this helps you to be flirty and to kiss and be close to someone. This dream can come when you re rejected, or you feel that you are not desirable. If you are older, you might have this dream more.

Research shows that women have this dream more than men and it has to do with them getting older in life.

  • Communication

When your teeth are missing you might have a hard time talking to others. When you are dreaming of not having teeth it can mean you cannot get your point across.

  • Embarrassment

When you dream your teeth are rotting it can mean you have a fear of making a fool of yourself or others. Maybe you have a speech, and you are not prepared, and you are afraid of being made fun of. These dreams overexaggerate how worried you are, and, in most cases, you imagine something that is worse than it really is.

  • No Power

Teeth are used to eat and tear things. Teeth mean power and when you lose your teeth you have no power. If you are lacking power over a situation, you might dream that you lose your teeth.

If you are in a relationship that is bad, it can cause you to dream about losing your teeth. If you lose your teeth, it can mean that you have no self-confidence and that you need to have better self-confidence so your life can be better.

  • Health

Dreams can be interpreted differently and if someone does not have teeth then it can mean they are not dieting good. Some people dream about poor dental health because they are not eating right.

  • Death

When people have dreams of their teeth falling out it can be a dream of future events. If you dream you lose your teeth it can indicate that you are dealing with someone sick in your life that is about to die.

If your teeth fall out it can mean that you cannot find meaning in things.

  • Money

Dreaming about your teeth falling out can mean that you have money that is coming to you. This is based on a fairy tale about the tooth fairy bringing you money.

  • Deception

The Chinese believe that your teeth will fall out if you are lying and if you dream about your teeth falling out you might be lying to someone.


Dreaming about your teeth falling out can happen when your life is starting a new relationship or if your life is switching places such as a new job or a new period in your life.