What Do Snake Dreams Mean?

Snake Dreams

One of the most known animals in a dream is a snake. When you dream of a snake it can be a positive and negative thing. When you need to understand what a snake means in your dream, it is important to know how you feel about snakes. If you view snakes in your culture as evil, chances are you will be afraid of them. If you have had them as pets, you will not be afraid of them and will view them differently.

  • Fear

Snakes can scare people and when you have a snake strike for no reason it can show you that you are out of control in your life. These dreams can leave you afraid.

  • Threats

A snake can represent that you are having a threat that is hidden or you are about to see betrayal. They will wait for a chance to bite you in your dream and your dream is trying to tell you that you need to face something and be warned. When you see a baby snake in your dream it can mean that the threat is bigger than you are accepting it to be. If the snake is dead, it means the threat has left and you have beaten it.

  • Subconscious

When you see a snake crawling on the ground it can represent your subconscious mind. This can be found in pools or in water and it represents your emotions. When you dream of a snake in a box it can mean that you are not admitting that there is a problem, and the snake is trying to alert you.

  • Sexual Temptation

Freud believed that a snake is a symbol for a phallic and that it represents sexual energy or forbidden sex. When you see a snake on your bed it can mean that you are threatened sexually and that you are nervous or unexperienced. If you are afraid of the snake, it can mean you have a fear of sex or commitment. If you dream you are eating a live snake it can mean that you want to have intimacy.

  • Callous

The snake can be symbolic of a person that is callus in your life. This can show that if a snake bites you or eats you alive that it can mean that you shouldn’t trust someone. If you see the snake and it looks like a person, then you need to be careful of who you trust.

  • Transforming

A snake will shed its skin and if you dream that a snake shed its skin it can leave you feeling positive. A snake can represent a good change and growth and whatever changes in your life can cause you to dream of a snake. A red snake can be a positive thing and can mean passion. If you fight a snake in your dream, it means you don’t want to see change and you like things the way they are.

  • Healing

Some cultures believe a snake is a healing creature because they have an antidote for snakes. This is also a medical symbol and can mean getting better from a sickness

  • Creativity

If you look at snakes in a certain way, they can mean being creative.


A snake symbol can be positive or negative and if you are afraid of something you can move towards the snake so that you can understand your dream better.