Hall Dream Theory

Calvin S. Hall, Jr. was born in 1909

Calvin S. Hall, Jr. was born in 1909 and he believed that dreams were full of content, and he did a study called “Content Analysis.” In his study, he thought that dreams were important in the cognitive process of thoughts. He believed that dreams were a map from the different regions of your brain, and this was called the unconscious mind.

Hall believed that dreams would help you discover what thoughts you had, and they could help to explain why you behave a certain way. He believed that dreams revealed hidden things about people, and he categorized dreams into five areas including concept of self, concepts of other people, concepts of the world, concepts of impulses, prohibitions and penalties, concepts of problems and conflicts.

Concept of Self

This is the type of roles that you play in your dreams.

Concepts of Other People

This is the stage of dreams where you see people in your dreams, and it depends on why they are there on how you interact with them.

Concepts of the World

This represents how you dream about the world around you such as your environment. Your dreams can help to describe how you see the world.

Concepts of Impulses, Prohibitions and Penalties

This can show how you behave to rules and punishment.

Concept of Problems and Conflicts

This shows the struggles that you have and the different situations that you face when you are awake in your life. The dreams that you have will show you how to solve your problems.

By using these different concepts, Hall believed that you could analyze your dreams and find out why they are in your unconscious mind.