Communicating with Spirits in Dreams

Spirits in Dreams

Dreams can sometimes be about normal things in life, but dreams can also be a place where the spirits can visit you. These are spirits that sometimes come from different dimensions, and they want to communicate with you on the earth. Sometimes this is why people have dreams about spirits. This can be a dream where you dream about someone that has died such as a friend or a loved one and they are there to show you that they are okay.

It might seem like the spirit wants you to know that they are happy and that they are at peace wherever they are. These visits will make people sometimes feel better after dealing with grief.

Loved One Greetings

Some people will have dreams and they will get to meet their loved one. The dreams will have symbolic ideas and the spirit will have a chance to communicate. This is an easy place for spirits to communicate with you because you can be on the same vibrations where sometimes when they come to the earth to speak, it can be harder.

Those that have dreams where they can talk to their deceased loved ones will often talk about having dreams that bring intense love and peace. They will have a closeness with the spirit, and this can bring good memories that allow them to keep these strong in their heart. They will know that their loved one was there to see them.

A spirit will sometimes visit to bring comfort to a loved one. Sometimes they will have dreams where they do things together and sometimes the dreams will be of the spirits just giving some kind of gesture that shows they are fine.

Unfinished Business

Sometimes people die and things weren’t said that wanted to be said and sometimes this can mean that a spirit will come to talk about this. They will come to finish the business and to give the information that their loved one wanted before they died unexpectantly.

Other people will have nightmares about their loved ones dying and this will allow the dreamer to get a perspective of what happened to them when they were dying. These dreams can be scary, but they can be the memory of the person that dies. This can allow you to get the information about the death that you always wanted to know. Also, if there is a police case, this can sometimes add to the information.


Some dreams that happen with spirits can give you information about going from one life to the next. A dreamer might dream of a friend that passed away and they will see them being greeted by other people or by angels.

Final Thoughts

Some dreams will be visitations that allow the dreamer to feel close to their loved ones again. This kind of dream can bring happy memories and can show memories such as sharing holidays together and things like that.

A spirit visitation will be a dream that makes your loved ones not feel so far away. This can help you to feel connected to the spirit and help you to have peace that they are there with you when you wonder about it.