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Chasing Dreams

Chasing Dreams

Chasing dreams involved being chased and many believe that these come when you are stressed about your real life. When you have these dreams, chances are you are running from an animal or someone attacking you. It is possible that they are going to kill you or hurt you and you will respond by doing the fight or flight instinct. This is a time where you will naturally want to outsmart your chaser.


When you dreamed of being chased chances are you are avoiding things in your life. The dream is showing you how to respond to pressure and helping you to face your fears. Instead of facing the situation, you will more than likely run away from it.


You might have a chasing dream because you are close-minded about different views and you refuse to accept them. You might not want to listen to other people that have different opinions than you.

Running from Yourself

Another way that you can analyze your dream is when you are running from your own self. Maybe you are rejecting feelings that you have, and you are avoiding the idea that you are jealous, anger or afraid of things such as love. You can put these feelings into being chased.


When you are running from your chaser, you might realize you are afraid of being attacked. Some of these dreams are more common by women than men because they feel vulnerable around men. You might have heard news about sexual assaults, and it causes you to dream.

You are the Chaser

If you have a dream that you are the chaser, this can mean that you are trying to go after what you want in life. This can mean you are falling behind and trying to catch up.


When you want to understand your dreams and why you are being chased, you need to figure out what you are running from. Ask your chaser why they are chasing you.

Close the distance between you and the chaser and this can mean you want to close the issue. If the chaser gains on you, it means the problem is not going away. The problem will eventually surround you until you address it.

If you make the gap wider, you are being successful in getting way from the problem. The problem might fade away.

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