How to Shift Reality

parallel realities

When things seem stuck or it seems like you aren’t able to go places, reality shifting is a way to get into a different place mentally. This is a new trend that people are doing but some believe that its dangerous while others believe it is similar to lucid dreaming.

Understanding Reality Shifting

Reality shifting is a concept of being able to go to parallel universes or parallel realities. This is a theory of George Ellis who believes in multiverse and is a mathematical professor that spoke about there being parallel universes.

Ellis wasn’t the first person to ever approach the idea of parallel universes and it was first talked about in 3rd Century BCE by Chrysopsis who a philosopher was. Ellis of course, was logical in how he talked and made it easier to understand than past writings, explaining that there are different parallel universes where things happen differently but since we are limited to the physical, we can’t see these things.

He believes that there could be a universe where pets are able to talk or where cars really fly and where jobs are topsy turvy and a lawyer is a writer, and a writer is a gymnast. There are different books and movies that show people in parallel universes such as Harry Potter and other movies.

Reality shifting is the idea of sending your mind to a different universe. This is something that can only be done when someone is in a meditative state, and this is when someone who is in a current reality can shift to their dream reality by traveling but only in their mind. Some believe that reality shifting is just visualizing.

Reality shifting is one way that people manifest to get what they want. They go into a different reality and bring back with them what they want. You can shift your reality and manifest what you want into your present life by dreaming. But you might not be able to do things like bringing back someone that has passed away even if you see them in a different reality.

How to Move Into Your Dream Reality

There are some methods that can be done to be able to do reality shifting such as:

Raven Method

This is a popular method to do reality shifting. Here is how to do it:

  • Play subliminal music that lets you go into an altered state in your mind.
  • Lay in the starfish position with your arms and legs wide apart.
  • Let your muscles relax and go into a meditation state.
  • Count from 1 to 100 and say positive affirmations such as, “I am able to shift to my dream reality.”
  • Once you count to 100, open your eyes and see if you are somewhere else. If you have fallen asleep, see if you are in your dream reality.

Heart Beat Method

Here is how to do the heartbeat method for reality shifting:

  • Listen to the sound of a heartbeat.
  • Lay on the bed and meditate.
  • Imagine that you are laying on someone that is in your desired reality.
  • Listen to their heartbeat.
  • Imagine that you see them and notice what you feel and what you see. How do they look?
  • Once you connect with them, ask them, “Are you ready to go with me?” Take their hand and lead them through an open door.
  • Say, “I am reality shifting.”
  • Once you are ready to shift, go through the door and imagine a white light surrounding you.
  • Fall asleep and wake up in your dream reality.

Train Method

You can use the train method by getting into a meditative state and then imagine a train heading towards the dream reality you want to go in. While you get on the train, say, “I am able to succeed and get to my dream reality.” 

As you feel yourself going to your dream reality, notice when you arrive. Get off the train and then decide to either open your eyes and see where you are, go to sleep and go to your desired reality by dream or enjoy what you are seeing and imaging.

Alice in Wonderland Method

One way that you can reality shift is to start by meditating. Once you are there, say, “I am in my shifting state,” and imagine yourself under a tree and when someone from your desired reality comes and holds your hand, jump into the rabbit hole with them. 

When you go down the rabbit hole, feel how you are letting go of your current reality and don’t let your bad emotions follow you. Go through this reality slowly and take as much time as you want.

After you are in the rabbit hole with the person that you want to be with. Sit at a table with them. They will give you a key to the door and they will ask you if you are ready to go. Whatever answer comes to you, say it. If you go through the door with them or not, that’s up to you. You can go through the door, or you might not be ready to go, and you might want to just sit under a tree.

If you decided to go with this person, open the door and walk through. You will be in your desired reality that is in your bedroom. Stay in your bed and sleep until you go into your dream reality.

Julia Method

This is an easy method where you can go into your desire reality by dreaming. Here is how:

  • Go into deep meditation.
  • Lay down on your bed.
  • Stay there and say, “I am,” until you feel tingling, or you see a white light.
  • After you feel this, say something like, “I am in my dream reality.” This should make you feel even more tingly or should make you feel something else.
  • Think about your dream and what you want to happen.
  • Go to sleep.

Pillow Method

This is a way that you can reality shift and you can do this by writing on a piece of paper what you want to do and putting it under your pillow before you go to sleep. Add positive affirmations to your reality shifting.

Stay in your bed as you meditate and say what your intentions are. You will be able to shift right away. Once you say what you want to do, imagine yourself in your dream reality.

Elevator Method

This is how you do the elevator method:

  • Lay down in the starfish position.
  • Meditate.
  • Say what you want to do when you go to your dream state.
  • Declare your intentions.
  • Imagine getting into an elevator and as it goes up, say, “I am going into my dream reality.”
  • Once you want to shift, imagine the elevator going to a floor. Get out of the elevator and you will be asleep, and you can go into that body.

Piano Method

This is a method that you can do if you are visualizing, and you are in deep meditation. You will imagine yourself playing the piano on the stage and you are someone that is dressed nicely and ready to perform. Once you finish your recital, everyone will clap for you.

You are now in a corridor, and this is your desired reality. Someone will come and take your hand and lead you through a door. Choose the one that you feel welcomed to and when you go through it you will feel like you are home.

A golden light will surround you and help you to shift. This will help you to go to different places that you want to go in your life.

Staircase Method

This method is a time where you will imagine yourself going up the stairs. Don’t go fast and make sure that you are meditating. Once you reach the top of the stairs, see a mirror and that is the reflection of your current reality.

Look at it and decide if you want to stay there or leave it behind you. There will be a door and once you open it you can go in and go down a staircase. This will raise your vibrations and you will have the same vibrations as your new reality.

Once you get downstairs, you will have someone from your desired reality there waiting for you, and they will ask you if you are ready to go into your dream reality. If you tell them, you are then you will start walking with them and there will be another door. Open it and go to your reality.

Sunni Method

To do this, you nee dot pick a time of day that is daylight and then a time of day before you go to sleep. Start by meditating and once you feel that you are in your desired reality, keep that feeling until you are where you want to be.

Before you go to sleep, visualize a scene from your desired reality. After you do this, say “I am able to reality shift.” Repeat this until you go to sleep and then wake up in your desired reality.

Intent Method

This is the easiest way to reality shift. Try to lay on your bed before you fall asleep and make sure that you’re relaxed. Tell yourself to wake up n your dream reality and then allow yourself to go to sleep. You should wake up in your desired reality.

Estelle Method

Play calm music and then imagine that you are dancing someone that you want to be with in your desired reality. Feel positive and as you wake up and the music stops, the person will ask you if you are ready to go and lead you to a door. Go through the door and move to your desired reality.

After you go through the door, open your eyes, and see that you have shifted.

Mirror Method

Lay on your back and meditate and visualize yourself laying in the bed. See the mirror above you and you can see your other self from your desired reality looking at you. Look at them and saying shifting affirmations.

Imagine yourself waking up in the mirror and reaching your dream reality.

Falling Method

Play music that is calming and go into a meditative state. Imagine that you are running to a cliff and as you run, stat your intentions. After you reach the end of the cliff, jump, and imagine that you are falling into the ocean. 

Someone will grab you out of the ocean and will safe you. This will mean you shifted.

Eleven Method

Lay in your bed and before you go to sleep, play white noise. Put an eye mask on and state your intentions. Imagine that you are going to your dream reality and then let yourself become part of your dream. Allow yourself to sleep and you should wake up in your dream reality.

Swirling Eye Method

Play music that is relaxing and rub your eyes until you see optical illusions. Shape the lines and the shapes to see your desired reality. You can shape them to whatever you want. Then open your eyes and see where you are.

Sage Method

Relax in your bed as you are meditating. Say what your intentions are and then shift to your consciousness and leave your body. You will be in your dream reality.

Jade Method

Lay on your bed with music playing and relax. Imagine being in the place that you want to be and shift to the desired reality that you have. Let someone from your desired reality come to you and encourage you, telling you that you can do whatever you want.

Feel the positivity and count to 100. You will feel things happening to you such as tingling, and you will know that you have shifted.

Rope Method

This is when you lay in your bed and let relaxing music play. Let your body relax and meditate. Imagine a white light coming to you and giving you positive energies. This energy will make your body feel safe and then imagine a rope is hanging down and touching you.

As your mind leaves your body, climb the rope, and say what your intentions are. Once you climb to the top, you will be able to walk through a portal into your dream reality. Fall asleep and wake up there.

Television Method

Meditate and have music playing in the background. Imagine that you are watching television and that you’re seeing your desired reality in front of you. Walk through the tv screen and then fall asleep. When you wake up you should be in your desired reality.

Final Thoughts

These are only some of the methods of reality shifting.