Dreaming of Your Spirit Animals

Animal totems

Native Americans teach you that animals go around you in order to teach you to be wise and to show you things about life. They will share their relationships with people, and they are very spiritual and sacred. Hawaiians look at animal spirits as allies and call them “aumakua” and they believe that they are powerful and protective. They also believe that animals can come back as people that they loved that have died. Those from Australia believe that animals are people that are related to them that have died and are going around the region.

Ancient Egyptians viewed animals as gods, and they would use them as their totems for protection and peace. Shamans in different cultures would use the animals to help guide them and when an animal would come in their dreams, they knew that it was for direction or healing.

Most people have had an animal dream, and this is something that is seen as energy that comes from the animal to the dreamer. This comes as the person accepts the animal and their power. If the animal is not fought off, the animal will help to heal the soul and will offer information that will help the dreamer have a better personality.

It can be a snake that heals or a lion that brings confidence that you are lacking, and each animal has its own way to connect.

Some people believe that when you dream of an animal it is symbolic and can even be negative. They think that when an animal is in a dream that it means that the person isn’t driven and that they aren’t smart. Others believe that animals come to give you power and to help you and not to bring you down.

Here are some of the animal totems or spirit animals that often show up in the dreams that people have:

  • Bear Dreams

A bear is often a healer in Native American cultures. Dreaming of them means that you might have a healing gift as well and that you are able to nurture and to heal others. The bear can bring comfort to people and if you run away form the bear in your dream, you are avoiding a spiritual struggle or you are not on the right path as a healer.

  • Crow Dreams

Dreaming of a crow can mean that you are someone that listens to their intuition. It means you might have a strong sense of purpose and know who you are. The nature of this bird can show you that there is a sign that you have learned and looked for wisdom in people that can give you good advice. Look for new opportunities ahead.

  • Dolphin Dreams

Dolphins are wild animals that swim in the ocean, and they are playful and fun. They are full of energy, and they love to share it with others. This kind of dream can mean that you are smart, and you are able to communicate, maybe even telepathically. It can mean that you are a healer and that you are kind and loving to others. It can also mean that you are childlike and that you like to play and have fun with people and connect with them.

  • Eagle Dreams

This mighty bird often is seen by the Native Americans as a dream of spiritual power. This is a bird that is powerful and one that is able to give you light and to lift you out of problems in your life. If you dream of the eagle, you might have a strong energy and you might be able to see things from a different point of view that others see things.

  • Hawk Dreams

Hawks are birds that like to soar, and they are great at communicating. They are able to offer good news and to hope when people are upset. They are able to see things ahead of time and bring you messages that can help you to communicate with the spiritual world.

They will give you a message and they are known because they are able to see things from far off and this can mean that you are able to see into the future or see if something is going to reward you or not.

  • Horse Dreams

A wild horse is one that roams and moves around. They are a totem animal often that means you have a free spirit and that you are smart. They also can bring you energy and they can help you to do things that gets you moving in your life. The horse can come only to you to help you to try to reach your dreams.

  • Lion Dreams

Dreaming of a lion can mean that you have pride in who you are. It also means that you are a trustworthy person and that you are gifted. You might love yourself above others and that helps you to help people by confronting fearful things and challenges head on.

  • Raccoon Dreams

This spirit animal can mean that you are someone that is resourceful, and you take what you have, and you make things work. They will do what it takes to feed their family and to find shelter to keep them safe. Even though they are sometimes looked on as masked bandits, they can come to you in dreams to help you find solutions to your problems.

  • Snake Dreams

Not all snakes are going to be the same and some of them have different powers than others. Dreaming of a rattlesnake can mean that you are being warned and dreaming of a cobra can mean that magic is coming to you. If you have a snake as your spirit animal, you probably have kundalini energies, and this is powerful and healing energy. The snake can come to you to open up your sexuality and your creativity.

  • Tiger Dreams

A tiger dream such as a Bengal or a Siberian tiger can mean that you are a leader and that you teach people around you. These are animals that are proud and that are confident. As a tiger spirit animal, you will be able to stand up and speak for yourself and you won’t have to have people to watch your back.

  • Whale Dreams

A whale dream can mean that you are someone that makes beautiful things. You might be someone that is talented in music or other things or someone that is able to listen to the spiritual world. A whale is able to make beautiful sounds in the ocean and if you have this as your energy, your chakras are likely open, and you are a creative and balanced person.

Whales were considered to be record keepers in the ancient times and they can help to point you out to your destiny and to help you to find your subconscious feelings that you might have hidden.


  1. The explanations provided for each type of animal dream are quite comprehensive and offer a unique perspective on how these symbols can influence our lives. The idea that animals in dreams can provide guidance, healing, and insight is a compelling one.

  2. Drawing parallels between cultural beliefs and dream symbolism provides a rich tapestry of insights. The detailed analysis of each animal’s significance can be a valuable tool for self-reflection.

    • Absolutely, the depth of symbolic meanings attributed to different animals can enhance our understanding of personal dreams and the subconscious mind.

  3. The article covers a wide spectrum of cultural beliefs, emphasizing how animals are revered differently. It would be interesting to delve deeper into the psychological interpretations of animal dreams.

  4. The notion of animals as spiritual guides and protectors is both compelling and comforting. It suggests an innate wisdom in nature that humans can tap into through dreams and intuition.

  5. The detailed descriptions of animal totems and their meanings in dreams are quite enlightening. It’s fascinating to consider that these symbols could be offering us subconscious guidance or reflecting aspects of our personality and life path.

  6. The exploration of animal symbolism across different cultures is fascinating. The recurring theme of animals providing guidance and protection highlights a universal respect for nature.

    • Indeed, it’s intriguing to see how diverse traditions interpret animal interactions similarly. This underscores a shared human experience and connection with the natural world.

  7. The variety of cultural interpretations of animal dreams underscores the rich tapestry of human belief systems. It’s a reminder of how interconnected we are with the natural world, and how these connections manifest through our subconscious mind.

  8. The narrative around animal dreams as bearers of spiritual messages suggests a deep connection between humans and nature. I appreciate the holistic view that these dreams are not merely random but serve as a conduit for wisdom and personal growth.

  9. This article provides an intriguing perspective on how different cultures interpret animal symbolism in dreams. I find it particularly interesting how these interpretations can vary significantly, from guidance and healing in Native American and Hawaiian beliefs to warnings and power symbols in other cultures.

  10. I appreciate how the article outlines specific animals and their symbolic meanings in dreams. Understanding these interpretations can offer a new perspective on personal experiences and subconscious thoughts.


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