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Importance of Dreaming

Importance of Dreaming

People sometimes ask the question, “Do you dream so you can sleep, or do you sleep so you can dream?” The truth is that this is a question that is often a debate. Some research shows that there is a real reason for dreaming.

Research shows that people that do not get into the REM stage will have symptoms of unhappiness. They can be anxious and will be stressed. People that do not get REM sleep will be full of trouble.

One dream study that was given was when volunteers were woken up while they were in their dream state, but they were allowed to fall back asleep. Right when they went back into REM sleep, they were woken up again. Even though they got the same amount of sleep that other people do, when they got up the next day, they were sad, disoriented, had a fowl temper and they were not able to do their daily activities.

Some of the volunteers were seen to eat more and become angry easier than those that were able to sleep through their REM. The study lasted for many nights and the volunteers became moodier and over sensitive. They had a problem concentrating and memory loss.

The study showed that dreaming is important to your overall health and some believe that dreams happen so that we can have less stress. Dreaming helps us to revitalize our life and to rest and have a strong body.

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