Cheating Dreams

Cheating Dreams

Dreams where you dream you are being cheated on can make you feel that they are real to the point where you might go to your loved one and accuse them of cheating. Dreams like these are not fun to have and can leave you questioning your relationship. The truth is dreams like these are more about your own insecurities.


If you have not attention from your significant other, then you will dream your partner is having an affair. This happens when they are not paying attention to you, so you think they are giving their attention to someone else. Chances are your partner is working more or traveling more and it is really innocent.

Fear of Abandonment

When you dream that your spouse is cheating on you it can be because you are afraid of being left. You might be worried about what the future holds and if your partner will be there for you. Maybe you want them to commit to you and you are dreaming this because you have been rejected by important people before.

Low Self-Esteem

If you have low self-esteem and you feel that you are not worthy, you might have dreams of cheating. This happens because you don’t feel that your partner has a reason to stay with you. You always think he or she will find someone better.


When you dream of cheating it could be because you have no trust in the relationship and it is full of doubt. This can cause an adulterous dream to happen.

Actually Cheating

Sometimes when you dream your spouse is cheating it is because they are. Your subconsciousness is picking up signals from them, and they are not really being truthful to you. Maybe you are in denial about them cheating.

Being the Cheater

When you dream that you are the one cheating, chances are you are having doubt and betraying something. It can mean that you are not being full of integrity and you might be thinking about cheating in life or being dishonest even more than against your spouse.

If you are having an affair with someone then this dream can be showing you that you are dreaming of what you desire such as money or power.

When you dream about cheating it can also mean you have sexual passions and you need to reaffirm your relationship with your partner. If this happens when you are about to be married, this is common because you are seeking a new sexual passion with your partner. This dream does not mean that you or your spouse is cheating or that you are about to marry the wrong person.

Another interpretation can mean that your needs are not being satisfied and you are beginning to look other places for pleasure.


Even though these dreams are not really about cheating, they are important to address so you can understand your emotions. If you feel that you are being neglected or you are not trusting your partner, you need to discuss these feelings and find out if your relationship can grow and if you need to look somewhere else.