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Death Dreams

Death Dreams

Dreaming about death can be scary and can make you think that you are dreaming about your own death. No one that has these dreams should be afraid and you will not die if you die in your dream. You need to understand why you have dying dreams so that you can figure out your emotions.

New Beginnings

When you dream that you die, chances are you are having changes in your life. This can be a new stage in your life in your spiritual being or leaving your past behind. If you are about to be divorced or married or you are getting a new job, you might dream of death. If you dream you faked your death, then you are taking control of your life and you want a new start.

If you dream that you rex died, then it can mean that you are ready to move on. The death can mean that you are seeing changes in your life and your relationship with your parents have gotten better. As a child gets older, they will begin to dream of death because they are growing and going into a new stage in life.

Part has Died

If you die in your dream it can mean you are getting rid of bad habits or you have destructive behaviors. This can mean that you are ending something and not dying a real death. This can mean that you are wanting to repress something inside of yourself and that you are no longer wanting things in your life.

When you dream that someone has died and you have feelings about that person, it can mean change in your relationship with that person. If a stranger die in your dream it can mean that you are not being able to face the changes that are happening. If you dream a child dies, then it can mean that you are growing up and becoming more serious or it can mean that your inner child is at a void.

Wake Up

This kind of dream can cause you to wake up and give you attention to what is going on in your life. Maybe you need to take action and you need to figure out if you have a health problem or if you have unhealthy things in your life you need to fix.


When you dream of dying you might be trying to get rid of your regular routine in life. You might have things that stress you and you need to get out of something like a bad relationship.

Coping with Death

When you dream of death it can mean that you are worried about dying. It can mean that you will not know about death and that you feel that death is a taboo. If you think about your death, it can cause you to dream more.


When you dream, it can be a symbolic dream meaning sacrifices and shows that you need to put others first.


When you dream that you are dying it can mean that you need to put yourself first instead of everyone else.

Missing Characteristics

When you dream that someone you love has died it can mean that you feel that the person that you are thinking of does not have a strong relationship with you.


Dreaming about death can mean that you have resentment towards someone.

Already Dead

When you dream about someone that is already dead it can mean you are negative, and you are with the wrong crowd. This can help you to figure out your feelings and can also symbolize loss of materials.

If you dream of someone that has died a long time ago it can mean that you need to end a relationship. When you dream about someone that has passed away then it can mean that you are trying to really understand that they are really gone.

When you talk to someone that is dead in your dreams such as your mom and dad, it can mean that you are trying to cope with the loss and to tell them goodbye.

When you dream of your dead siblings it can mean that you miss them, and you wish that you could spend another day with them.

Dreaming of a dead child can mean that you have lost a child and you do not understand why they died.

You need to understand that when someone dies that your relationship with them is not dead it is just different. You can connect with other people and have stronger relationships.


When you dream of death, it usually is not a literal death but something symbolic. It often means that your life is changing, and things are going to be different.

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