What Do Pregnancy Dreams Mean?

Pregnancy Dreams

When you are pregnant you will realize that you are having strange dreams and sometimes your dreams seem so real that they can cause you to have a range of emotions. They can make you angry or they can make you upset. This happens because the hormones in your body can cause your brain to do strange things. You might dream of these things so that you can relieve some of your stress and it is said that dreaming can prepare you to be a good mother to your child.

When you get up throughout the night, like pregnant women do, to go to the bathroom or to try to get comfortable, you will have your sleep interrupted but it can help you to remember your dreams better. Chances are when you get up in the morning, you will remember your last dream but if you keep waking up throughout the night, you might remember more than one dream because you wake up in the middle of the dream cycle. It is no surprise that women that are pregnant will dream more and have stronger dreams.

When you are pregnant, your dreams can help you to reflect on your joy and your love that you have for the baby but it can also be dreams that show how stressed and concerned you are that the baby will be there soon. When your hormones are funning on high, you will know that your body is changing and as your fetus gets bigger, your body will change as you get closer to the birth of your baby. When this happens, it can also cause your dreams to change.

Any dream can happen when you are pregnant and it can be different themes in life such as happiness or sadness, even fear. Dreams can be more vivid during different trimesters.

First Trimester

In the first trimester, you will often dream about things such as giving birth to a child or an adult instead of a baby, you may dream of water, fertility and being on a journey.

Second Trimester

Second trimester dreams can include giving birth to an animal, giving birth to an alien, losing your teeth, getting rid of a lover, dreaming of sex or famous people.

Third Trimester

Third trimester dreams can include big or famous animals, being chased, large objects, something bad happening to you or the baby, cheating on your spouse, going into labor or even symbols of water.

One thing to remember that when you are going through your pregnancy, your dreams should be discussed with your partner. This can allow you to be able to let your feelings out and can help you to not be stressed or anxious about things. If you want to, keep a dream journal during your pregnancy so you can look back on it later.