Epic Dreams

Epic Dreams

If you want to know if you are having an epic dream you will know by how aware you are of your dream. If you are very aware of your dream, then it is possibly an epic dream. Another way to tell if your dream is epic is if you can see your life from a different perspective once you have had a dream and if the dream gives you emotions that you are not used to.

An epic dream can happen if it is very vivid and if you can remember the dreams easily because the images are so strong that you cannot really stop thinking about them.

If the dream makes you feel shocked and excited when you wake up, chances are you are having an epic dream. When a dream lasts for years and years in your mind, the dream is probably an epic dream.

Here are some examples of epic dreams:

  • Nightmares.
  • Night terrors.
  • Dreams that you wake up feeling powerful.
  • Dreams that give you a message.
  • A prophetic dream.
  • A futuristic dream.
  • Dreams where you speak to your guides or angels.

Having a dream is powerful and it can be even more powerful if you find it to be a dream that sticks with you. These kinds of dreams are also often called vivid dreams and they are very detailed.

The reason that these kinds of dreams are so powerful is because they are dreams that can give you a message or can help you to bring change into your life. If you want to have a better life and you are dreaming of ways to make your life better, then you need to listen to your dreams and let your dreams guide you.

One of the best ways to hold on to these types of dreams is to make sure that you are journaling your dreams. Always keep a book beside of your bed and when you wake up, write down every detail of your dream. Even if you don’t feel that the dream has any importance, write it down anyways. Look at your dream journal at another time and see what kind of information you gained.

Having an epic dream can change your life. Find out what your epic dream means to you and let your life be good.