Recalling Your Dreams

Recalling Dreams

Everyone has dreams but not everyone can remember their dreams. Some people will wake up remembering all or part of their dreams while some people will forget their dreams immediately upon waking up.

When you dream, chances are that you might remember some of these dreams.

There are different things that you will remember when you dream such as:

  • Dreaming can give you information that is not there when you are awake.
  • Dreaming is part of your subconscious mind and feelings you don’t realize you have.
  • When you remember your dreams, it gives you knowledge of how you see yourself.
  • You will be inspired with things such as joy, happiness, wisdom, imagination and more when you dream.
  • When you recall your dreams, you become more confident and stronger.
  • Remembering your dream can help you express your feelings.
  • Dreams can help you make hard decisions and help you through struggles.
  • When you remember your dreams, you can accept stressful situations easier.
  • You can learn more about what you want in life when you remember your dreams.

Why Do You Forget Your Dreams?

It is thought that people can only remember their dreams if they go into REM sleep. This is a deep sleep and is a time where your body is in full rest, but your mind is still working. Most people that remember their dreams remember them once they are waken from REM sleep.

Some people believe that there are other reasons that affect if you remember a dream or not such as:

  • How you live your life throughout the day.
  • The sleep practices that you take.
  • How much sleep you get in a day.
  • How your brain works.

Why People Dream

There are many reasons why people dream such as learning a task that they did throughout the day, they have mental stimulation that makes them dream, they have emotional stimuli that happened while they were awake, and they have a hard time facing some kind of trauma or situation that happened while they were awake.

Even though dreams seem important in everything we do, studies do not prove that dreams or REM sleep affect how a person feels in their emotions.