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Annie Felt

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What is the Meaning of Bee Dreams?

Bee Dreams

Bees are exceptional creatures. They can give you different kinds of spiritual messages. As you look at the bees, you find that their symbols can be related to birth and death and can help you to even see your own purpose. Because they have such symbolism, they work with your …

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Twin Flame Soul Dream Communication

Twin Flame Soul Dream Communication

There is a soul connection that you can have with your twin flame that is called the look-alike idea. This means that you are able to communicate with your twin flame through your dreams. This is a spiritual journey that you will have and the communication that you have cane …

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When You Dream About Your Ex

Dream About Your Ex

Do you ever dream about your ex and wonder why you keep having these dreams? These dreams can be upsetting but the truth is, they can mean anything. These dreams have different interpretations and there is no real answer as to what your dream means. When you break up with …

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Precognitive or Premonition Dreams

Premonition Dreams

People spend at least a couple of hours each night dreaming. Most people aren’t surprised by this, but these are the same people that don’t often remember their dreams. Other people have very vivid dreams and so when they dream it might seem like they are dreaming all night. There …

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What Are Your Dreams Saying to You?


Everyone dreams but have you ever had a dream that made you feel uneasy? If so, your dream might be trying to tell you something going on in your life. When you sleep, sometimes your body is resting but your mind is wide awake. This can be a time that …

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What Do Falling Dreams Mean?

Falling Dreams

Falling dreams are often interpreted differently depending on who is giving the interpretation. Some believe that this has to do with their feelings while others believe it has to do with something they ate before going to bed. Falling dreams can mean that you have things going on in your …

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When You Have a Running Dream

Running Dream

Have you ever had a dream where you are running or you are running away and no matter how hard you try, you seem to get nowhere. The kind of dream where your muscles aren’t responding and you feel like even gravity is against you? This is called a Herculean …

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Interpreting the Blue Car in Your Dreams

Blue Car in Your Dreams

Dreams may seem very odd until you learn how to interpret them. Some common themes point to the same elements no matter who dreams them. It could be that most human psyche relates to things in the same patterns or it could be that media and other things that are …

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What Does it Mean to Dream of Water?

Dream of Water

Have you ever had a dream that you lived close to the ocean or that you were stuck out in the rain? Maybe these dreams made you feel safe and secure. Water dreams are dreams that have deep meanings and they are a very common dream. Water has a universal …

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What Do Old Crush Dreams Mean?

Old Crush Dreams

Having a dream about someone that is an old crush of your or even an old lover doesn’t mean that you want to be with this person, but it can mean that you want something in your life that you don’t have. Dreams like this can even mean that you …

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