Having Naked Dreams

Naked Dreams

When things in your life become normal such as going to school o r work or walking down the street, and then you see that you have no pants on, chances are you are dreaming about things that can symbolize your real life.

Being Vulnerable

When you do not have clothing on it can make you vulnerable. There is nothing that can hide you and the dream can mean that you are feeling helpless in your life and that you do not have your guard up. This can also mean you are going to get rejected.


Being naked in a public place can mean that you have feelings of shame and fear. Maybe you are hiding something that you don’t want others to see and therefore you are dreaming of being naked.

Clothing’s can be a metaphor, and this means being hidden. Depending on what kind of clothing you wear it can symbolize your identity or you are wanting to be someone else.

When you don’t have your clothing on, it can make you defenseless and your dreams might be telling you that you are trying to be someone that you are not and that you need to stop being fake.

Having these anxieties can come from you trying to impress others and can cause you to want to only be in relationships that are fake. If you work in a new environment and you are hiding your feelings, you might end up being ridiculed.


Your dreams might mean that you are insecure if you have naked dreams. This can have people looking and laughing at you and this can show that people are pointing out the negative parts of you.


If you get caught off guard then you might feel that you are unable to do something important. If you find that you are naked in your class or at work, it can mean that you are unprepared for something at work and mean that you are setting goals that are too hard.


Some dreams can happen because you are being prideful in your life. If you look down on others or think you are better than everyone else then you dream of being naked, this can happen to humble you.


Dreaming about being naked and you are not embarrassed can show that you are not restricted in your freedom. If you have nothing to hide and are proud of who you are then your dreams can show you as open and honest.


Sometimes when you dream of being naked it can mean that you need someone to give you attention. This can mean that you are going the wrong way and that you are drawing bad attention to who you are.


When you realize you are in a dream and you are naked and it means no one is looking, it can mean that you need to look closer. It can mean that you are stressed or anxious about something or about yourself and you feel that no one will notice this except you. Chances are that you are getting upset from nothing.