Dreaming About Birds

Dreaming About Birds

Dreams can be good or sometimes they can be dreams that scare you, or nightmares. These dreams can make you feel a certain way. What happens when you have a dream about a bird? Does the dream set your mood to be something good or something gloomy and dark? Are your dreams of birds singing and bringing love and balance or are you having dreams of being attacked by birds?

Dreaming of birds can be about your goals and what inspires you. If you dream of birds flying free and singing, chances are this is a good dream for your life. Or, if you have dreams about birds being hatched out of their eggs, this can mean that you are seeking independence in your life.

If you have dreams that you are being attacked and that you need to get away from the birds, this can mean that you are experiencing some kind of conflict with your spiritual self and what you believe. Dreaming of a dead bird can mean you are worried about something, or you are disappointed with things.

What Kind of Bird Do You See?

The breed of the bird that you dream about can change the outcome of your dream. There are some birds that have different meanings, and this can change the way that your dream is interpreted. Here are some of the bird breeds that have meanings:

  • Eagles: Pride, freedom, courage, wisdom. This can also mean that you are connecting to your spiritual side.
  • Dove: Peace, innocence, harmony, and love. This can mean that you have strong friendships, and you are reaching your higher self.

These dreams will change of course depending on what the bird is doing. If the bird is flying free, then this is going to be a positive dream but if the bird is caged then it can mean you feel trapped or that you are being controlled by other people.

Other Dream Meanings

Here are some of the bird dream meanings that you might have:

  • Getting wings clipped: This can mean that you have a secret that you need to share or that someone is trying to control you or stop you from flying.
  • Feeding birds: This dream can mean that you are encouraged and that you are trying to fly free and not be held back from someone.
  • Flying free: This kind of dream can mean that you are spiritually free and that you seek out good things and power in your life.
  • A caged bird: This can mean that you are feeling trapped and that you aren’t able to reach your higher self.

Final Thoughts

Dreaming about birds can be a good dream or it can be a nightmare. These types of dreams can tell a lot about who you are and what you are experiencing in your life. Find out what your dream means by listening to your intuition or by finding a psychic that can help to interpret your dreams.