Why We Have Recurring Dreams

Recurring Dreams

Dreams have messages and when you have dreams that happen over and over again and you remember them, chances are that you are having messages in your dreams. Most people will wake up from a dream and as the day progresses, they will forget what they dreamed but if it is a powerful dream or if it seems like it is trying to tell you something, chances are that you will remember it.

Noticing Your Dreams

If a dream happens repetitively, you will pay more attention to the dream. When this happens, you need to confront what is going on in the dream because chances are that it is trying to tell you something.

Dreams and Nightmares

Some dreams like these can be nightmares and they can be scary and cause you to pay more attention to them. It is common for people to have the same dream over and over again depending on what is going on in their life.

Dreams and Problems

Dreams that continuously happen are sometimes triggered by things in your life such as a problem or when you are trying to transition to something else. The dreams might happen every day, once a week or even every couple of months.

Same Content Dreams

No matter how often the dream comes, a dream that is recurring will have most of the same content and these dreams will show something that you are afraid of, something you are not able to accept, or it will point out a weakness that you have in your past or present life.

Understanding Life with Dreams

The dreams that repeat over and over again will reveal things in your life that are important and information or problems that need to come into your attention. When things are left unresolved it can cause your subconscious mind to bring these to your attention in your dreams.