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What Animals Symbolize in Dreams

When one sets out to find his or her inner self, they can be assisted when they experience the presence of animals in their dreams. Animals drive people to want to show their wild side in order to achieve their needs. Furthermore, their presence indicates that they are a strong form of communication therefore we should strive to find out what kind of message they are trying to deliver.In some aboriginal cultures such as the shamans, being in trance state is possible due to the presence of animals. They are spirit helpers who escorts them through their journey while in this state. Initially, the animals call the shamans when they originally appear in their dreams so as to grant them the healing power and also visions.Having an animal power dream is very common. The shamans believe that one should receive the spiritual power and qualities bestowed upon them by animals when they appear in their dreams. When the person embraces the animal, it will grant its wise nature as medicine for the soul and grant supernatural power for healing. It does not matter which type of animal it is because all of them have the power to connect the dreamer to his or her full potential.A number of animals have been discussed below as they have the tendency to appear in our dreams. If you have experienced one of them, then they are likely to be one of your animal totems.

in the afternoonBear

This animal symbolizes the totem of a healer. The motherly instincts of a bear cultivate development, comforts as well as supporting the needs of others. When you reject a bear in your dream, it signifies that you do not want either your healing power or your purpose of becoming a healer in future. It also considers the fact that you are avoiding being mothered.


A crow as someone’s totem indicates his or her ability to lead others. It also grants them a sense of determination and signifies their ability to allow themselves to be guided by their intuition. The intrusive features of a crow allow one to look at signs, interpret their meanings and share the meanings to those who look up to them.


15a4546e1a827c1f76543495daefca48Dolphins have a nature of sharing with those around them. They exhibit super intelligence and are able to communicate telepathically at great distances. This indicates that we have untapped potential within us. Since they have a playful nature in reality, in our dreams they exuberate the need to play and have fun. This symbolizes the need for people to synergize with others through a bond of commonality.


An eagle signifies a messenger in some societies in America. Their feathers are used during ceremonies to summon power and sanctify the tribe. Eagles can allow one to access higher frequencies of energy by lifting them from a humdrum into unearthly dimensions. Their presence also grants you the power to have greater insights when solving problems.


Hawks as a totem shows that one is outgoing, spiritually sharp and a brings good news and confidence. When they appear in a dream, they could tell us that someone is trying to connect with us from a far. They also remind us to grab chances that are beyond our reach.


When they appear in our dreams they show us that we are a free soul at heart, conscious and we have a great stamina for the expedition ahead. The stamina shows you the way and you have a great deal of intelligence.


We experience righteousness, sense of arrogance and credibility when a lion guides us. When they appear in a dream, they drive us to conjure up some courage when faced with challenges.

images (25)Raccoon

As a totem, they show us that we have a sense of ingenuity and we are family oriented. In dreams, they drive us to act mischievously in order to find solutions to real problems.


Different snakes possess distinct medicines and power. For instance, rattlesnakes caution while pythons bring creativity into one’s life. Mostly, as a totem they teach about kundalini (sexual) energy that activates one’s spiritual centers. In a dream, snakes awaken someone to the attractiveness of their sexuality.


They signify being a robust leader and teacher as a totem. The qualities involve being self-assured and resolute. As a medicine, they encourage people to stand up for themselves. In a dream, they allow one to motivate others in times of need.


Whales develops very attractive music. They call unto others from a far. Whales allow people to tap into their musical potential as a totem. They can also lead you to your destiny by pointing you to astrology. In a dream, they can help you to locate the hidden resources and gifts you hold when they allow you to swim with them.

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