Types of Psychic Dreams

Psychic Dreams
It’s very likely that every person has some degree of psychic ability. Some of us have no idea how to use it, while others have mastered their abilities. But this means that all of us can receive little pieces of information, whether we want to or not. This is exhibited mostly in the form of psychic dreams.

The brain activity that occurs while you’re asleep is very similar to that of someone in a trance-like state. And, as you cycle through various sleep states, sometimes the conditions are just right for messages and information to come through. It is believed that this is what causes psychic dreams to happen.

Precognitive Dreams

A precognitive dream is a dream that seemingly predicts some future event. That’s it. They can be very simple, very complex, or any variation in between. They may be very detailed, or just give you a feeling during a short depiction of an event. These dreams can be “good” messages, or they can be “bad” messages that warn us of some sort of future calamity.

The most common type of precognitive dreams are those that predict death. There are many people who can predict their loved ones’ deaths months before they actually occur. This is often thought of as a curse, rather than a blessing, because the dreamer often can’t do anything to prevent the death, so they just have to carry around the knowledge that someone they love is going to die.

Telepathic Dreams

A telepathic dream is a dream in which a person gains access to another person’s consciousness, revealing things like their actions, thoughts or life situation (past or present). Some people can even communicate with each other via this dream-channel. And actual distance doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. People have gotten information about loved ones through telepathic dreams, even though they were time zones, or even continents away.

These dreams are not limited to loved ones with whom we have limited contact. We don’t know every thought or action that a person makes, even if we have frequent contact with them. Sometimes telepathic dreams reveal these secret thoughts and actions, though, with spouses finding out about infidelities, friends finding out that their friend started rumors or was gossiping about them, etc.

Clairvoyant Dreams

Clairvoyant dreams are those in which a person becomes psychically connected to a place, situation or object somewhere in the world. These tend to occur in the form of dreams about notable social events or natural disasters. Having dreams about horrible events that cause great human suffering, and then waking up to hear about the event on the news is, understandably, disturbing. People who experience clairvoyant dreams with frequency end up having a lot of anxiety in their waking life.

What if You Have All Three Types of Psychic Dreams?

Some people experience all three types of psychic dreams, and they have them frequently, although these people are rare. These individuals are often considered to be powerful psychic intuitives in other cultures. Because they have so many types of psychic dreams, and they have them so frequently, some cultures consider them to be psychic vessels because of it. These individuals are encouraged to become shamans or healers, in order to help others by using their abilities.

It can be hard to determine whether or not you’re having psychic dreams. Once you’re awake, it becomes hard to remember them. And, if you do remember them, it’s even harder to know if the dreams were just random images from your subconscious mind, or if they’re psychic dreams. Even more perplexing is that there’s no logical way to go about determining whether your dreams are psychic in origin or not. It often depends on what your intuition tells you. But, with practice and time, you’ll be better able to tell the difference.