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Clear Indications You Are Intuitive

5 Clear Indications You Are Intuitive

People with a logical mindset can think intuition is just bunk.  They don’t see the need of trusting their gut when they can list out the pros or cons.  However, at times people can feel pulled to a certain choice without any basis in reason.  We have listed five signals to notice if you want to identify if you are intuitive person.

  1. You pick up vibes:  Engaging with anything new produces either a negative or positive sensation.  Having positive vibes makes you desire having more intentions, whereas a negative vibe will have to calling bullshit on a person’s façade.
  2. Empathic abilities: You can pick up on anyone’s emotions.  You may also struggle to process the feelings and energies of people you encounter since they rub off onto you so easily.
  3. You see signs:  Intuition will send you messages and directions at every turn.  It seems like the Universe is always trying to communicate with you!
  4. Vivid dreams: You have extremely detailed dreams that you frequently retain after waking up.  You have the sense that your dreams have a foundation in your future adventures.
  5. Nature speaks to you: You feel most attune with yourself when you are outdoors.  Any time you are at one with nature, you feel sparks of joy, creativity and peace.

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