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Guidelines to decoding the meanings of dreams

Anyone who has kept a dream journal eventually recognized  a pattern that has meaning to them. They probably will noticed that there is a correlation to the events and stressors of day to day life.  Dreams help us solve problems and show us the nature of our soul in relation to the universe. There are a number of books on the topic of dreams, but still dreams are misunderstood.

The following are guidelines to help you better understand dress and the dreaming process.

Dreams offer a chance for growth

No one dream is completely meaningless.  Every tiny part, sign or symbol  in a dream has some meaning about an aspect of the dreamer’s life.  Each part of a dream should be examined furthers the message can be better understood. Dreams should be looked out to discern the opportunity for growth.

Each dream has valuable message

Each dream has a message of value.   It is commonly said that dreams have many meanings. That is not completely true.  Different associations are within each dream, which guides the dreamer to correct meaning.  The message in dreams aren’t meant to be convoluted and cryptic. They should make sense to the dream.

The language of dreams is beautiful and meaningful

Sometimes dreams will be a metaphor for bigger ideas. Symbols will have a personal meaning for the dreamer and will remind them of  something specific to them.  Some symbols can have meaning for a group of people.

Dreams are peopled by characters who play out a meaning for the dreamer.

The characters in a dream may play more than one role.  Not all of the people in our dreams are representative of our personality.  Some actually depict our perspectives and beliefs. Some mirror our attitudes and characteristics that they have in real life.

Even bad dreams are good

You should not fear anything in your dreams.  Even if you have a nightmare, this could merely be a warning of unresolved conflict in our lives. When you have a nightmare, it may be that you should start working your way through the things that are holding you back. If you have nightmares about global fear, this could mean that you are letting too many outside things that you have no control over give you stress.

“A dream not understood, is a letter left unopened.”

There are many meanings from the subconscious that is information from deep in our souls.  All fo this information should be valued.  Each sign and symbol should be examined and appreciated.

Our dreams come from wise sources

Dreams should to be directed or controlled.  They come from within our own wisdom that lies deep inside of us.   Our subconscious connects with our creative intelligence to work out our problems. If you try and guide your dreams, you are interfering with the natural processes of working out the issues from your life.

We gain wisdom from working to understand our dreams

Our intuition and understanding brings wisdom.  The messages in our dreams can be broken down from our intuition as opposed to being broken down by analysis.  A dream dictionary is only as good as the writer’s interpretations.  Unfortunately, symbols are not generic to the audience.  Your dreams are best interpreted with the help of a friend who knows you well. They can guide you through understanding your dreams.

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