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Pregnant in a Dream

Pregnant in a Dream: What Does it Mean?

Have you recently had a dream where you’re pregnant? Don’t worry, it’s actually a very common dream to have. A pregnancy dream can be a bit baffling, especially if you’re a woman whose past her childbearing years. But keep in mind that although the meaning of the pregnancy dream is subjective, it rarely means that you’re literally going to get pregnant.

So, what are these pregnancy dreams actually about? Well, there can be many explanations for it, many of which are reflections of your inner self and current things you are going through. One type of pregnancy dream can actually signify that you are about to “give birth” to something new in your life or a new aspect of yourself. It can mean that you are ready to take on something new as well as that you will be constantly evolving and maturing much like a baby does after a woman has given birth to it. A second type of pregnancy dream can occur when a woman has been having trouble conceiving. It’s the subconscious’ way of fulfilling the dream of having an actual child in a sort of reconciling way to make up for being childless. Within these two types of pregnancy dreams, there are some common themes to explore. Let’s take a look at what these themes can mean in order to help you sort out what your pregnancy dream could represent.

Dreaming of Giving Birth When You Didn’t Know You Were Pregnant:

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If you’ve had a dream where you are suddenly giving birth but didn’t even know you were pregnant, this could indicate that a substantial surprise is coming. It means that there is some sort of opportunity that has arisen seemingly out of nowhere, however you’ve had the notion of it in the back of your mind for some time. For example, maybe a new job offer arrives after putting in years of hard work and dedication.  So, subconsciously you’ve known you deserve the promotion, but it still comes as a surprise to you.

Dreaming of Having a Premature Baby:

A premature baby comes before it’s ready to be born. So, if you’ve had a dream where you give birth to a premature baby, this can indicate that you’ve done something to weren’t ready to do quite yet. Perhaps you introduced an idea or project before it was truly ready or made a decision in haste without thinking it through. These things were done prematurely, and your subconscious is telling you that perhaps you need to work a bit harder to see that idea or plan succeed, much like taking care of a premature baby.

Dreaming You’re Ready to Give Birth with no Doctor or Partner in Sight:

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What could be more stressful that dreaming of a pregnancy? How about dreaming about giving birth without your partner or doctor there to assist you? If this is a scenario you’ve had a dream about, it could indicate that you’ve felt like you have to go it alone in a certain endeavor or life plan without a feeling of support or acknowledgement. In the dream, the accomplishment is having the baby, but then you’re left feeling frustrated and maybe upset that nobody was around to see it.

Dreaming Your Baby is Overdue or You’re Having a Difficult Labor:

If you’ve had a dream where your pregnancy has gone long past your due date, or that when in labor, it’s a long and difficult process, this could indicate that you’ve held onto and idea or feeling for a long period of time. This project, idea, or feeling is something you’ve thought about and put a great deal of effort into, and the dream is reminding you that it’s taken quite a lot more work than you thought it would require when you first had the notion. However, once you get through that difficult period, you’ll be able to reap the rewards when it’s finished.

Whatever type of pregnancy dream you’ve had, just remember that it’s most likely connected to a scenario in your everyday life regarding plans and projects you may have in the works. In understanding the themes of your pregnancy dream, you’ll then be able to turn those fears you’ve been harboring or projects you’ve been delaying into a success.

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