Being the Death Doula

Death Doula

Many people have never heard the term doula before. A doula is someone that is there to give emotional support and guidance to a mother when they are pregnant, when they give birth and even after the child is born.

Even if you have heard of a doula before, most people have not heard of a death doula. This is a person that is there to help someone that is about to die. Sometimes a doula will help someone that is being born into the world and sometimes they help someone that is dying out of the world. The are people that are there for both birth and death.

Someone that is a medium and is able to reach the spiritual world understands that people sometimes want to be alone when they are dying. This can be a dying wish for many people because they don’t want to have to face the sadness that others bring.

People will sometimes have a bedside vigil so that they can pass to the next life in a private way. When this happens, hospice might stay out of the room and loved ones might be asked to wait outside. Some believe that a person that dies is never alone anyways, and they are just stepping out of this world and into a place where they are met by their angels and guides.

End of Life Doula

A doula that works with end-of-life people will be there to help the family before a person dies. They will be there to honor the family and to be present when things are going hard. Emotions are strong when someone is going to die, just like they are strong before a mother gives birth. A doula can explain what is happening when someone is giving birth and what is happening when someone is going to die.

Birth and death are both parts of life. There are different stages that a person goes through in both things. When a doula is there, it can take away some of the fear of both of these lifecycles.

Most people have lost a pet or someone that they love. Most people have also been around when someone or an animal was born. Both of the processes can be an experience that one doesn’t forget.

When someone dies, you might feel that they are peaceful, but this can be something that people refuse to talk about. When someone dies and they have young children, explaining to the children about heaven can make it easier for the child to be able to deal with the death.

Being a Medium

If you are a medium from childhood, chances are that you might have seen things such as spirits around you. You might feel people around you that have died. Not everyone has the chance to see or feel these things and so death can be different.

If you are a birth or death doula, you might be someone that is able to speak into the spirit world. Chances are that even if you cannot, you are someone that is loving and compassionate. You are someone that is able to help with the emotions that people are facing during these hard times.

A doula can talk to the family and help to keep things calm. They will sometimes be a volunteer from a hospice clinic. They will be there to help the person pass on to the other side with comfort.

Sometimes a doula will talk to the family about the spiritual aspects of dying. They will try to help the family know what the body is going through as it gets to the final changes. They will explain how the body will change colors as it is shutting down.

A death doula is not someone that will give medical attention. They are there to help love the people that are dying and to serve the families. They are there to support people and to help them through the grieving process. They are sometimes considered to be earth angels because they are loving and caring. These lightworkers deserve to be treated with respect and care.