Characteristics of Dreams


Dreams are amazing and they have been researched for thousands of years. Dreams are a huge study and according to some research, there are five different characteristics of dreams. Sometimes, people believe that dream happens because the brain is trying to make sense of its activity when it sleeps.


One characteristic of dreams is that they can be strong and full of emotions. Sometimes the dreams can be hurtful and other times they can be full of love. Maybe you will be chased in your dream or attacked and maybe you are shy because you are doing something wild such as running around without clothing on.

Emotions can be very strong in your dream and sometimes when this happens, it can cause the dreamer to wake up out of a deep sleep.

Some of the biggest emotions that are seen in a dream are surprise, stress, and fear.


Another characteristic of dreaming is that the dreams are often not consistent with things in life. Sometimes the dream is wild and makes zero sense to the dreamer. There are no real laws of nature when you dream, and things can happen that are shocking.

Some of the illogical ideas of dream are that people can fly, go from place to place or teleport, get shot and die but come back to life, talk to objects or animals and change from one dream place to another.


No matter how strange a dream is, people accept these dreams and just take them for what they are. These dreams can give different emotions and make you see things from a different point of view.

When you dream, even when things are strange and illogical, the dream is not really seen as weird or different, it is just seen as a dream. Sometimes this is hard to explain.


One dream experience that many people talk about is the feelings that they feel when they dream. Not only can people feel strange sensations such as not being able to move or falling, but they are also often unable to control their body and so if something is coming after them, they cannot run.

Hard to Remember

Some dreams are hard to remember. When people wake up and want to remember their dreams, it is important that they write their dreams down in a journal or on paper. Most people, and even up to 95% of the dream that you are dreaming will not even be remembered. Some people never even realize that they have dreamed anything while sleeping.

Understanding Dreams

People might understand and be aware of the characteristics of dreams because we all have experienced different kinds of dream in our lives.

The interesting thing about dreams is that they are normal and even when they are wild or illogical, this is something that is probably familiar to you and can be explained by things you have been through in your waking life.