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What Do The Colors in Your Dreams Mean?

crayonsColor meanings in dreams can be very telling about what’s going on in the deepest waters that stir within us. If you’re reading this page, odds are you have a genuine curiosity and interest in dream meanings. You’ve likely already got a good grip on the concept of dreams reflecting deeper meaning in your life experience.

As the song goes, a dream is a wish your heart makes, that’s why it is also the reflection of your inner self and the desires of your heart. When you’re happy, broken hearted or excited, it is very likely that these emotions will reflect in different colors in your dream.

Dreaming of colors could come from different possibilities and influenced by a lot of factors like personal experiences, beliefs, gender, age and emotions. We must remember that colors in our dreams our very personal and is based on our inner beings.

Let’s have a dream analysis and know the meaning behind some colors in your dreams.

Color In Your Dreams Explained:

  1. images (24)Green color in your dreams can be interpreted as having growth in your life and zen. You find happiness and great pleasure with small things and it also reflects your enthusiasm and excitement about taking on a new project or a job.
  2. Black represents darkness, sadness, death, being lost and mostly negative emotions that you are feeling. However, it may also represent positive reflections like a new beginning or a transition period.
  3. Pink on the other hand can mean love and tenderness. It can also represent negative emotions like immaturity or weakness.
  4. Purple represents kindness, compassion and happiness. You may dream about it because you’re full of aspiration and it also represents your creativity.
  5. White usually signifies cleanliness and purity, but when you dream of this color in your sleep it means that you are full of vitality and energy.
  6. Red is a strong color which indicates that there’s a lot of shame, rejection, urges and strong forces in the emotions of the person of dreaming about it.

Do You Need Help in Dream Interpretation?

download (10)We are here to help you in interpreting not only your dreams but also the dreams of others. How about you dream not only of colors but a lot of things and you’d like to know the meaning of it.  If you want to know why you dreamt of flowers and mountains last night, find out with the help of our Dream Dictionary.

Analyze carefully and uncover the true meaning of your dream when you visit our free dream interpretation, this will help us in learning a lot about ourselves, our emotions and environment. Dreams can be a warning or a signal, so it’s best to understand them before things happen.

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