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Color Meanings in Your Dreams

It is widely understood that colors are used to convey feelings, ideas, and meaning. This is still the case within our dreams. Dreams are our subconscious mind sending messages and working through our thoughts. How this message is delivered is often unpredictable and may be a challenge to interpret. But rest assured, the colors you see when you sleep are significant.

The important thing to remember, is that interpreting color in your dreams is a highly personal experience. The color red can mean something different to you than it does to the next person. Your interpretation will be based on factors like your personal beliefs, cultural context, and even gender.

Possible Color Meanings

  1. download (10)White- Purity, cleanliness, vitality
  2. Pink- Love, tenderness, or weakness
  3. Red- Intense strength, rejection, shame, or anger
  4. Green- Growth, excitement, zen
  5. Purple- Happiness, creativity, inspiration or compassion
  6. Black- sadness, death, or feeling lost

Understanding Your Dreams

Like psychics and mediums, there are people who can help you interpret the meaning behind your dreams. Tarot readers and other spiritual workers are experts at reading symbolism and helping you understand the message you have received. Consult one for an analysis of your latest dream.

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