Common Dreams about Crushes

Common Dreams about Crushes

Maybe you have dreams that reoccur and maybe you find out that they are fantasy dreams of your crush or maybe you have dreams when you are older and you find in your dream that you are happy with who you are with. What do these dreams mean?

Dreaming of your crush can often mean that you want to be with them or that you feel that they are the perfect person. You might even dream things so that you can fight disappointment.

There are different kinds of crush dreams and some of them are cute, while other ones are about trying to get with them. At the same time, many of your crush dreams can be based on your disappointment or your low self-esteem.

Current Crush

Dreaming about your true-life crush can mean that you are wanting to be with that person. You think about them all the time and therefore, you are dreaming about them too.

Dreaming about your crush can mean that you are wanting to be with someone that you feel is too good for you. Maybe in your dream you are feeling ugly and unworthy while in other ones maybe you feel that you are jealous of their peers.

Spending too much time looking at something you want and not enough getting what you want can cause you to miss out. Do what you want and get who you want.


If you have a dream of your crush dying, it can mean that your feelings for this person are getting less and less. The dream might be warning you to move on in your life, so you won’t be disappointed.

Old Crush

Dreaming of an old crush can mean that you are about to have something good happen to you such as a new job opportunity or something that makes you feel happy or lucky. But, if the dream is a negative dream such as hating them, it can mean you are afraid of going after your goal.

Maybe when you dream about your old crush, it can mean that they share similar personality qualities that you see in your partner now.

Dreaming Someone Has a Crush on You

When you dream someone has a crush on you, it can mean that you are feeling good about who you are, and you want some more excitement in your life.

If you dream someone likes you and you do not have the same feelings for them, it can mean you see an opportunity with someone, but you do not feel good about them.

Dreaming About Them Often

Dreaming about your crush all the time can mean that you are thinking about them all day long and that you want to share your real feelings with them. Your subconscious mind might just be telling you to share your feelings with this person.


This dream is one of the worst dreams that you can have. This can mean that you are insecure about who you are and that you feel like you are unworthy.

They Like You Back

The dream of having your crush liking you back is a dream that you desire to have. This can mean that you are confident in your life and that you feel that you deserve someone to love you.

This dream can also mean that you should tell that person how you feel about them.

Celebrity Crush

Dreaming about a celebrity crush that you have can mean that you wish that you could meet someone that is like the person in the movie or the show. This means that you want to set goals to have a better life and to meet someone with great qualities.

Liking a Stranger

Having feelings for a stranger in your dream can mean that you have unexpected things about to happen to you.

Dream of A Different Gender Than You Normally Like

If you are a girl and you have a crush on a girl, it can mean that you want to have a union with your own self. This can mean a symbolic thing and that you want to accept yourself.

This can show that you have compassion and it can show that you are not comfortable with homosexuality and that you have fears and anxieties when it comes to sex.

Having a dream that you are crushing on the same sex does not mean that you are gay.

Someone You Don’t Like

Dreaming that you have a crush on someone that you do not like in real life can mean that you are wanting something that you cannot get. This means that you feel that you are not good enough and so you want to get rid of the things in your life that you do not like.

This can also mean that you want to get revenge on someone or that you are embarrassed about your life.