Connecting Dreams to the Future

Connecting Dreams to the Future

We all have those dreams… it could be a sweet dreams or nightmares and every dream brings a Technicolor journey into our inner yearnings and fears. Dreaming helps clarify problems, reveal true feelings, relieve stress and help us achieve our waking dreams.

Understanding our dreams can tell us the answers and solutions to many of our life problems. A Psychic Dream Reader can help you understand what your dreams really mean, unlocking the power of now.

Dreams speak in terms of images, symbols, and metaphors. Each part of a dream represents some part of our life. The best way to learn to interpret your dreams is to start a dream journal.

  • Record whatever you remember from your dreams, however odd or disconnected as it may seem. Jotting down your dreams helps you remember more.
  • If you forget your dreams, write down your first thought and mood as soon as you wake up. Don’t wait until later to write down what you remember because you can forget your dreams quickly.
  • If no pattern or symbol jumps out to you as meaningful, working with someone who is experienced at the language of dreams—such as a PsychicOz Psychic Dream Reader are often helpful to get you on the right path.
  • You can also look online and find out what some dream interpretations are. But know that not all dreams are the same meaning for everyone, and different people can have the same dream, but it mean something totally different.
  • Use your intuition to decide what your dreams mean for your life.

Here are some common dreams and interpretations:

Falling Dreams:

Think about what support system in your life feels unsteady. Is there any trauma lately which is causing you to feel like you are falling apart? Is a big decision looming that makes you feel like you are falling out of control?

Dreams About Being Chased:

Usually relates to fear of being caught, trapped or overwhelmed by unknown life changes. Do you fear a medical test result? Are you trapped in a relationship?

Horse Dreams:

Animal dreams are extremely common. Horses represent the energy at our disposal. Here are what some of the horse dreams can mean:

  • White horses=spiritual awareness.
  • Brown horse=pragmatism.
  • Black horse=passion.
  • Winged horse=transcendence.

Understanding our dreams can tell us the answers and solutions to many of our life problems—perhaps even warn us about a path decision we are about to make, saving us from making mistakes. Get a dream reading now and explore the eloquent language of our dreams and their meaning.