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Decoding Your Dreams

 Are you having a hard time remembering your dreams? Or maybe when you do dream… do you often wake up wondering what your dream meant? Your not alone as yes. everyone dreams but some people have better dream recall than others.

I can help you remember and understand your dreams. Let’s get started!

Dream Journalism

One way to help improve your dream recall is to keep a dream journal. Buy a journal and keep it on your bedside table with a pen or pencil. Or if you’re more tech savvy, record your voice recalling your dream. After a night of dreaming, try to recall what you remember in your dream journal upon waking.  The more you do this, the easier it will be to recall your dreams. Just give this process three weeks and you will start to remember more of what is in your dreams.

Record Every Detail

No matter how you choose to keep track of your dreams, make sure you record every detail you can recall. Even the most minor details have meaning. Be sure to consider your senses and think about the following questions: What did you see, hear, feel, taste and smell? Where were you? Were you near water, in a forest, in a house or in the desert? Who was there? Did you recognize anyone? How did their presence make you feel? Have you had this dream before?

A Deeper Meaning

Each detail leads to a deeper meaning. Sometimes dreams answer questions or offer solutions. Sometimes they help us deal with stressful situations. Some dreams even tell us what’s about to happen. So when you record your dreams, think about what’s going on in your life (at home or at work) and see if there is a connection. You may be surprised to know that there is usually a connection.

The Astrology Connection

Be sure to include the date of your dream. Often, there is an astrological or neurological connection. Astrology and numerology are fun ways to take your dream interpretation to the next level. As a numerologist, I can add that deeper level of analysis to your reading.

Dream Dictionaries

You may have seen a dream dictionary in the bookstore. A dream dictionary often includes common dream elements and explains them. If you lose teeth in a dream, the dictionary explains what that means. If you fly in your dream or if you are near a river or ocean in your dream, the dream dictionary can tell you what all those symbols mean. However, what’s true for one person may not be true for you.

I love dream analysis! It’s one of my most-favorite requests from my callers. It’s really rewarding for me when I make a connection between a caller’s dream and something they’ve been struggling with. Then I give them next steps, if appropriate. I also really love tying numerology into a dream analysis reading, because dates and numbers play an important role too! If you’re stumped by a dream, call me! Let’s figure it out together.

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