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Distinguish The Type Of Your Psychic Dreams

The dream space is quite fascinating. It’s like going to a different dimension every time we’re dreaming as we can see and do things we can’t see and do here in the real world. Do you know that the dream world is without time and space? Everything exists without confinement of time and space and believe it or not, when we are dreaming, we are all pretty psychic.

There are various types of psychic dreams, so let’s take a look at three common types today so you can start interpreting some of your dreams.

Precognitive dreams

A precognitive dream is a dream that predicts something that will happen in your future. For example, if you dream that your ex-boyfriend shows up at your work and gives you roses, and four days later he actually does, you’ve had a precognitive dream. Or let’s say you dream about your best friend from high school and the next day she calls you. These types of dreams are the type that predict both good and bad things in the future, sometimes in great detail.

Keep in mind though, that some dreams that you may think are predictions of the future may simply just be your psyche acting up. For example, if you dream about your boss dying in a ski accident, it may not be a prediction, but you may be harboring some pretty angry feelings for him and these feelings conjure up all sorts of things dream time

Telepathic dreams

When you dream about a person who is still alive and you connect on an emotional level, you’re having a telepathic dream. For example, if you dream that your uncle is sick with pneumonia and you’re there with him giving him support, and you find out a week later that indeed your uncle was sick with pneumonia, you connected with him in dream time via a telepathic dream. You had connected with his consciousness, as there is no time or space in dream time, so there actually was no distance between you and him during that time.

Clairvoyant dreams

When you have a clairvoyant dream, you connect with information that would normally be unattainable when you’re conscious. Now, a clairvoyant person can access the same information when awake, but some people are just more in tune to their clairvoyance while they are dreaming. For example, if you dream that a tsunami hits a country on the other side of the world and you wake up to news of such an occurrence in Japan, you’ve had a clairvoyant dream.

Some people cannot distinguish what type of psychic dream they are having, but the more you practice interpretation, the better you will get at deciphering. There are dream interpretation classes offered online or locally in many places that will help you gain insight into your dream time. There are also some great books on the topic. Continue to learn about psychic dreams, journal your dreams, and enjoy the journey of dream and awake time.

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