What Does Dreaming of Body Parts Mean?

Dreaming of Body Parts

If you have ever had a dream where the emphasis was on a part of your body you may have felt as if you were going crazy, you are not alone.  The best thing to do is not to focus on the dream but rather, think about what the dream can represent.  Your dream may symbolize something that you are having issues with.

For example, you may dream of combing your hair, only to find that you keep coming back to the same tangled, gnarled mess.  You aren’t necessarily overly concerned with grooming. You may instead be having some muddled or tangled thoughts.

There are a few common interpretations of dreams containing body parts:

  • Dreaming about the head or brain

This dream is about the intellect or will power.  If this is a positive dream you are having productive ideas and creativity is flowing. If it is a negative dream, it could mean that something is out of balance.  It can be easy to fix if you just examine what is happening in your life

  • Dreaming about hair

The eyes symbolize how you see the world.  It shows your perception.  If your eyes are open, you cherish new ideas and experiences.  If they are closed, you are refusing to see the truth and you are in denial.  If you are blind, you are unable or unwilling to see what is happening around you.

  • Dreaming about your nose

This indicates a sense of inquiry and detecting the truth. It can also mean that you are annoyed with something happening around you.

  • Dreaming about the lips

This is directly connected with words and speech.  It can mean how you use your words.

  • Dreaming about the mouth or teeth

This indicates how your own personal words affect you. If you have crooked teeth, you are encountering lies. If you have false teeth, there is duplicity around you.  If the teeth are loose or falling out there have been thoughtless words said.

  • Dreaming about the face

This is the side of you that the world sees. If the dream is positive, you exude confidence and authenticity. If the dream is negative, you have a sense of shame or failure.

  • Dreaming about breasts

Breasts symbolize nurturing and protectiveness and indicate a sense of mothering and/or femininity.

  • Dreaming about eyes 

This type of dream is the outer symbolism of the ideals you have. If you are balding in the dream, it means your ideas are slipping away and you are not creating anything new.  If you dream about combing your hair, it means you need to get your thoughts in order.  If you are styling your hair, you are in the process of changing how you think and share ideas.  IF you are cutting your hair, you are editing and streamlining your way of thinking.

  • Dreaming about lungs

Lungs mean life and freedom.  If you are unable to breathe, it is an indication of feeling held back or smothered.

  • Dreaming about hands

If your hands are open it means you are expressive and giving. If your hands are closed, it is connected with stinginess and an unwillingness to help. If your hands are dirty you are involved in unethical deeds.  Applauding hands are connected to encouragement and approval. Empty hands symbolize hopelessness. Praying hands mean devotion or faith.

  • Dreams about the Heart

It is no surprise that the heart symbolizes hope, compassion and love.  If the dream is positive, it is an indicator of strength and compassion.  If the dream is negative, you may be emotionally off center.

  • Dreams about the stomach

This may have nothing to do with food.  Instead, it symbolizes your willingness to accept the lessons you learn daily.  Negative dreams indicate that you don’t want to accept something that is happening around you.

  • Dreaming about Genitals

It’s not surprising that this dream is about your approach to sex and intimacy.  and how you see yourself in your sexual role.   Positive dreams are symbolic of a positive outlook on sex and love. Negative dreams can mean unhealthy feelings towards your own sexuality.

  • Dreaming about the bowels or bladder

This is a sign of purging unnecessary attitudes and emotions. It indicates the filtering out people and situations that are unhealthy.  If you are constipated in the dream, you are holding back emotions, conversely, if you dream of diarrhea, you are releasing information too quickly.

  • Dreaming about your legs

This symbolizes movement and strength.  Positive dreams mean strong goals and that you are taking the correct path.  Negative dreams symbolize heading in the wrong direction.

  • Dreaming about Feet

Since your feet hold you up like a foundation, it indicates a deeper understanding of your actions.   It can mean to watch your step and move slowly.